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Inconsistent Characters

Due to how their hurtboxes move, a number of combos are inconsistent on these characters. Ex characters behave the same as the regular version. Said combos will have a note linking to here, so make sure you understand that your combo may whiff or become inconsistent on:

Kyo, Kyo-1, Kyo-2, Kusanagi, Shingo, Nameless, Jhun, Benimaru, Yuri, Leona, Ralf, Clark, Foxy, Mai, King

A few more characters add themselves to the list depending on if they're crouching or standing:

standing Kensou
crouching Mature, Vice, Robert, Athena, Bao, Shermie

If Robert, Bao or Shermie are mentioned on top of the link to here then it doesn't work on them altogether, standing or crouching.
The st.Kyo-tier refers to the first 5 characters, from Kyo to Shingo, st.Kyo_Name-tier means to add Nameless, thus first 6 characters and st.Kyo_Jhun-tier refers to the first 7, from Kyo to Jhun. When they are standing, some things miss on them only by a hair so making sure you're point-blank or close to the corner can be enough to get the combo to land properly on them standing. If mentioned under the combo then it's the case.
Keep this in mind and you can safely go for the extra hits or better damage on your specific combos.

Wakeup Speed

After a knockdown, characters have variable wake up timings. The differences are listed here:

(-F) Faster wakeup
  • (-13F) - Ralf, Yuri
  • (-11F) - Athena
  • (-9F) - Whip
  • (-7F) - Yamazaki, Kula
  • (-6F) - Joe, Robert, Angel, Kasumi
  • (-5F) - Kim, B. Mary, Hinako, Mature, Ryo, Foxy, Mai
  • (-3F) - K', Takuma
  • (-2F) - Yashiro, Lin
  • (-1F) - Daimon, Terry, Kensou, Clark, May Lee, Vanessa, Krizalid, Omega Rugal
  • (0F) - Kyo, Chang, Choi, Vice, Shingo, King, Kusanagi, Kyo-1, Kyo-2, Nameless, Goenitz, Geese
  • (1F)- Clone Zero, Zero
  • (+2F) - Leona, Iori
  • (+3F) - Chris, Heidern, Chin
  • (+4F) - Andy, Bao, Xiangfei
  • (+5F) - Billy, Shermie, Igniz
  • (+6F) - Benimaru, Ramon, Jhun
  • (+10F) - Maxima
(+F) Slower wakeup

Crouching Height

Crouching Height varies based on the characters height and hitbox data, some character hitxboxes remain high despite crouching which in turn may make them more susceptible to things like Instant Overheads and Cross-ups, while some character hitboxes tend to get smaller when they crouch making it easier for them dodge high hitting attacks and even projectiles, the differences are listed below.

  • Lowest or Tiny - Chin, Choi, Bao
  • Low - K’, Andy, Joe, Benimaru, Iori, Mature, Vice, Leona, Athena, Kensou, Mai, Yuri, Yashiro, Chris (slightly taller than the rest), Yamazaki, Billy, Kim, Kula, Foxy, Jhun, Hinako, Angel
  • Middle or Medium - Whip, Terry, Kyo, KUSANAGI, Ralf, Clark, Vanessa, Seth, Ramon, Ryo, Robert, Takuma, May Lee, Shermie, B. Mary, (K9999), Nameless, Lin, Shingo, Heidern, King, Kasumi, Kyo-1, Kyo-2, Xiangfei (slightly shorter than the rest)
  • High or Tall - Maxima, Daimon
  • Highest - Chang

Crouch blocking Height

When blocking in crouching position, there can also be a change in the height or width of the character's hurtbox. The different types are shown here:

Credits to Gatoray KOF for the image.

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