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  • cl. A/B/C/D are special and command normal cancel-able
  • cl. B is a right jab that is chain-able into itself and cr. A
  • cl. A/far A have the same animation
  • cl. A can be chained into itself 3 times then special or command normal cancelled, and can be chained to cl.B or cr. B
  • cl. C/D hits twice and is cancel-able. Has pushback on block


  • st. A/B/C are special and command normal cancel-able, and is whiff cancel-able as well
  • st. A/B are high aiming jabs which can stop hops.
  • st. A whiffs on crouching opponents
  • st. C hits twice and can stop hops as well
  • st. D hits twice and moves Vanessa forward slightly


  • cr. A/B/C are cancel-able
  • cr. A can chain into itself 3 times, and can chain into cr. B, st. B & st. A
  • cr. B is a jab that hits low and can be chained to cr. A, st. A & st. B
  • cr. C is a right uppercut that can be used as an anti-air
  • cr. D hits low and sweeps the opponent. Soft knockdown


  • j. A is a short range punch that has a sharp downward angle. Good for air-to-ground
  • j. B has slightly longer range and can be used as an air-to-air attack
  • j. C is a jumping right downward hook, good for air-to-ground and can cross up as well
  • j. D is Left downward hook, longer range than the C version good for air-to ground attacks and starting combos. Can cross up as well but more difficult can j.C
  • j. B, and j. D can low profile anti-aired by some characters cr.B's, sweeps and slides


  • st.CD is special cancel-able and can be used to stop incoming hops
  • j.CD is a drop kick that is good for air-to-ground approaches and good to use during corner pressure


Dynamite Puncher - (b/f + C) close

  • Vanessa grabs the opponent then uppercuts them. The opponent lands a half-screen distance away.
  • Soft knockdown

Clinch Puncher - (b/f + D) close

  • Vanessa grabs the opponent then punches them in the stomach 3 times, then throws them towards the screen corner
  • Soft knockdown
  • The opponent can button mash out of the hits and break the throw

Command Moves

One-Two Puncher - (f + A)

  • Vanessa throws 2 punches; one down and one across.
  • Can be canceled into by her standing and crouching normals easily
  • Both hits cancel-able (when cancelled into)
  • First hit knockdowns down jumping opponents; give the opponent a hard knockdown
  • By itself, hits overhead knocks the opponent back; gives the opponent a soft knockdown

Sliding Puncher - (df + B)

  • Vanessa slides low into opponent's legs for a soft knockdown.
  • Hits low
  • Can be canceled into from Vanessa's light & heavy crouching and standing normals
  • Can evade some mid-air projectiles, and can be used as anti-air against air-to-air normals
  • Very unsafe on block or if whiffed
  • Not cancel-able

Special Moves

Machine Gun Puncher - (hcf + A/C) (press rapidly for more hits)

  • Vanessa delivers several hooks to the opponents face ending in an uppercut that knocks the opponent half-screen away. The non-mashed version does 4 hits while the mashed version does 6 and more damage.
  • If performed far away, Vanessa is in a counter state and can be swept or hit with a projectile
  • Last hit can Counter Wire a jumping opponent
  • Causes a hard knockdown

Dash Puncher - (charge b, f + A/C)

  • Vanessa's low sliding uppercut. The uppercut launches the opponent in the air placing them in a short juggle-able state which can be followed up with a jumping normal.
  • The A (light punch) version travels half-screen, while the C (heavy punch) version travels full-screen, has a bit more damage and less negative frames on block. Vanessa has a fair amount of high-body invincibility during the dash (when she crouches down) .
  • Soft Knockdown

Puncher Vision (forward) - qcf + B/D

  • Vanessa slides and dashes towards the opponent. The B (light lick) version travels half-screen while the D (heavy kick) version travels 3/4 screen distance. Vanessa cannot phase through the opponent with this move, but she does have a small amount of higher-body invincibility during the start of the dash and in the middle of the dash.
  • This move can be cancelled from Vanessa's cancel-able normals, both of hit/block or on whiff
  • Vanessa's follows can only be placed at the end of the dash
Upper - (f + A)
  • This uppercut is similar to the Dash Puncher uppercut, but has more recovery on hit which makes it difficult to follow up after with a jumping normal attack. On block the uppercut has negative frames but Vanessa is pushed back at a moderate distance.
  • Before the uppercut is released, Vanessa has a fair amount of higher-body invincibility.
  • Super Cancel-able but the super will miss
  • Soft knockdown
Straight - (f + C)
  • A 2-hit follow up, a short uppercut with a straight fierce punch. The fierce punch knocks the opponent down a half-screen distance away. On block the straight punch guard crushes but the opponent recovers before you'll be able to follow-up with anything. The straight punch counter wire's on opponents who are in a counter hit state. The follow-up has a small amount of start-up invincibility before the punches release.
  • Hard knockdown
Weaving - (b + A/C)
  • Vanessa cancels into her Weaving Stance (description below)

Puncher Vision (backward) - (qcb + B/D)

  • This is the back dash version of Puncher Vision (forward). The distance of the B (light kick) version is rather short, only 1/4th screen distance from where she initially stands while the D version is around half screen distance away. Similar to the Puncher Vision (forward) dash, she has a fair amount of start-up invincibility which can be useful for evading meaty attacks on her wake-up.
Upper - (f + A)
Straight - (f + C)
  • Both moves similar when used after the Puncher Vision (forward). These follows add a bit more invulnerability to the back dash because of their own invincibility properties themselves.
Weaving - b + A/C
  • Vanessa cancels into her Weaving Stance (description below)

Puncher Weaving - (qcb + A/C) can be held down

  • Vanessa crouches low and weaves back and forth. When the button is held down, Vanessa waves back and forth slower and you can cancel into her follow ups while holding the button down.
  • Has very brief higher body invincibility. The invincibility goes away the longer Vanessa weaves. If you perform this move repeatedly, you can restart the invincibility over and over. This move can be cancelled from Vanessa's cancel-able crouching and standing normals on whiff and on hit.
Dash Puncher - (f + A/C)
  • This uppercut launches the opponent in the air but you can't follow up with a jumping attack like the normal Dash Puncher or the Upper after Puncher Vision (forward/backward). Very unsafe on block and has poor recovery if whiffed.
Parrying Puncher - (b + A/C)
  • (move description below, see Parrying Puncher)

Puncher Vision (forward) - (f + B/D)

Puncher Vision (backward) - (b + B/D)

  • Cancels into her Puncher Vision (forward) or Puncher Vision (backward) special dash. The dash (either B or D button) have a same distance close to the light kick version of the special dash by itself.

Forbidden Eagle - (dp + A)

  • A special double uppercut that has the same animation of f+A but has two fast, thin projectile waves in front of her fists. The second uppercut launches the opponent in the air higher than the f+A and causes a soft knockdown.
  • This move has a small amount of start-up invincibility, and the punches can negate fireballs. The start-up frames is rather slow, which can make it hard to use on react against jumps or fireballs at a mid-range. On block this move is unsafe; even though Vanessa is pushed back a bit after the second hit, some characters may have normals or special moves (or DMs) that can reach her while she recovers.
  • This move is very easy to combo into from her cancel-able standing and crouching normals, and f+A command move.
  • Soft knockdown

Parrying Puncher- (dp + C)

  • Vanessa swings a powerful hook aimed at the opponents head. Somewhat of an alternate version of her Forbidden Eagle special move. Instead of the opponent being launched in the air, the opponent is knocked half-screen away.
  • This punch reflects projectiles instead of negating them like Forbidden Eagle. The very slow start-up makes it quite difficult to parry whatever projectile is coming toward Vanessa
  • This punch has no invincibility is very unsafe on block and has poor recovery on whiff
  • Super Cancel-able
  • Soft knockdown

Desperation Moves

Crazy Puncher - (qcb, hcf + A/C)

  • A rush ranbu super that ends in her st. C animation which knocks the opponent to the other side of the screen for a hard knockdown.
  • The light punch (A) version travels 3/4 screen while the heavy punch (C) travels full screen. Both have the same amount of damage, and both have the same amount of invincibility frames during start-up.
  • Punishable on block and if whiffed
  • Can combo easily from her cancel-able heavy normals and f+A command move
  • Hard knockdown

Champion Puncher - (qcf x 2 + A/C) close

  • Vanessa gives the opponent 3 strong hooks ending in an uppercut that knocks the opponent in the air where they land a half screen distance away
  • Proximity super that hits overhead and doesn't have whiff animation. Only activates if close to the opponent
  • Can easily combo from her cancel-able heavy normals and f+A command move
  • Hard knockdown

Super Desperation Moves

Crazy Puncher - qcb, hcf x 2 + AC

  • This is a stronger damage version of her ranbu super. But it seems that it has the same amount and area of start-up invincibility as the light punch and heavy punch (A,C) version of the normal DM. It also has the same dash distance as the heavy punch version of the normal DM as well.
  • Hard knockdown

Hiddden Super Desperation Move

Gaia Gear - (f, hcf + AC)

  • Vanessa throws 2 punches; one to the opponent's gut (that levitates them vertically slightly), then a straight and powerful fierce punch combined with a wind projectile that wall bounces the opponent. The opponent lands near Vanessa either in front or behind her depend on the screen positioning.
  • From a far distance the 1st punch will whiff, but the 2nd wind punch will still reach the opponent up to around 1/2 screen distance away. If the 2nd punch hits, the opponent will just flip backwards toward the screen corner for a hard knockdown and less damage or wall bounce on counter hit.
  • If the first punch is blocked up close, the opponent can Guard Cancel Roll behind her and punish Vanessa. If the second punch is blocked, Vanessa is pushed back very far away from the opponent.
  • This HSDM has very brief start-up invincibility
  • Hard knockdown

Combo Advice: It's possible to combo into this HSDM on some character with cl.C(2), f+A(2), f,hcf+AC.


  • You can always use st.D instead of st.C

0 stock

  • j.X, st.C, f+A, hcf+C/b~f+A
  • cr.B, cr.B/cr.A, f+A, hcf+C/b~f+A
  • cr.B/cl.A, f+A (1), qcb+A, any combo

1 stock

  • j.X, st.C, f+A, qcb,hcf+P DM

2 stocks

Starter = j.X, st.C, f+A, BC run, st.C, f+A

  • j.X, st.C, f+A(1), dp+C(1) (SC) qcfx2+P DM
  • (Corner) Starter, b~f+A, dp+C, (C)qcf+B, [dp+A (1), (C)qcf+B]x2, dp+C (SC) to qcfx2+P DM
  • Starter, dp+A (1), (C)dp+C, (C)qcf+B, [dp+A (1), (C)qcf+B]x2, dp+C (SC) to qcfx2+P DM
  • Starter, b~f+A, (C)qcf+D, dp+C, (C)qcf+B, dp+A (1), (C)qcf+B, qcfx2+P DM
  • Starter, dp+A (1) (SC) to qcb,hcf+P DM
  • j.X, st.C, f+A, BC run, st.C, f+A (1), dp+C, (C)qcf+B, [dp+A (1), (C)qcf+B]x3, dp+C (SC) to qcfx2+P DM

3 stocks

  • j.X, st.C, f+A, BC run, st.C, f+A (1), f,hcf+AC HSDM
  • Starter, dp+A (1) (SC) to qcb,hcf+AC SDM
  • (Corner) Starter, hcf+C (6), (C)qcf+B, f,hcf+AC HDSM

You can use cr.C instead of st.C in these combos for a bit more damage but less hit confirmability.


b~f+P followups:

  • hj.A/B/C/D reset.
  • hh.CD
  • walk far s.C xx special reset
  • walk far s.B xx special reset
  • dp+C (corner only)
  • qcfx2+P DM (corner only)
  • dp+C SC to qcfx2+P DM (corner only)
  • run qcfx2+P DM (b~f+C only)
  • run c.C xx qcf+D reset (b~f+C only)


  • qcx+K.f+A, qcb+A -> from this you can do any of the followups from b~f+P, even the corner only ones midscreen. Also sets up a variety of ambiguous crossunder resets. Safe on block.
  • qcx+K,f+C -> guard crushes but leaves you at disadvantage unless you freecancel it into a teleport. Free combo if they block while you are in maxmode. 2nd hit causes wire on counterhit, followup with DM or reset.
  • dp+C and qcb+A.b+C reflect fireballs.
  • s.CD can be cancelled to f+A and df+B on hit or whiff.
  • No more infinite/linking out of hcf+P by using teleport.
  • c.D no longer cancellable.
  • j.A, j.C and j.CD are crossups. j.C is an instant overhead.
  • qcb+P has upperbody invincibility at startup, and lowers her hitbox during the move.
  • qcf+K has upper body invincibility.
  • HSDM can OTG with the hurricane part.


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