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Normal Throws

Front Suplex

  • b/f+C/D(near)
    • A suplex that leads to a hard knockdown.

Command Moves

Flying Drill

  • d+D in air
    • Benimaru spins diagonally downwards for a mutli hit kick move.

Jackknife Kick

  • f+B
    • Cancelable kick. Will combo from hard attacks.

Special Moves

Raijin Ken

  • qcf+P
    • Now does one hit and knocks down, like in KOF'94/95. Launches faster than before, and negates normal projectiles.

Kuuchuu Raijin

  • qcf+P(in air)
    • Benimaru no longer floats during this move (continuesfalling instead). Move is much faster to launch and C version knocks down. If the C version hits in the corner, you can juggle opponent: the (A), then (C) Raijin Ken make easy followups.

Raimei Tou

  • qcb+P(can hold)
    • Negates projectiles, and will continue to hit even after Benimaru has stopped. C is slower, but does more hits and damage. Delaying the move has no effect on damage, but allows it to hit an opponent behind Benimaru while being delayed.

Shinkuu Katategoma

  • qcb+K
    • Both versions are SCable on any hit. The move can hit in front and behind Benimaru as he's spinning.

Iai Geri

  • qcf+K
    • Move is now SCable without having to hit late. If it hits late(when done standalone), move becomes a no-recovery knockdown.

>Handou Sandan Geri

  • During Iai Geri, qcf+K
    • Can no longer be performed if the Iai Geri misses. Is now slower and has longer recovery time. The 1st hit is SCable.

Super Moves

Gen'ei Hurricane

  • qcb, qcb+K
    • Cannot be reversed. This will now combo and catch opponent in mid-air when SCed from the last hit of the Shinkuu Katategoma.

Raikou Ken

  • qcf, qcf+P
    • A version goes forward, C version diagonally upward. Move is DCable. Negates projectiles, including some DMs.

Leader Moves

Raikou Ken

  • qcf, qcf+E
    • LDM version can combo off Benimaru's crouching D and is aimed forward.


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