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A - Light Punch

B - Light Kick

C - Strong Punch

D - Strong Kick

CD - Blowback Attack

P - With either Light Punch or Strong Punch

K - With either Light Kick or Strong Kick

AB - Evasive Roll, neutral or forward Ab while make the character roll forward, pressing it in the backward direction will make the character roll backward

GCAB - Guard Cancel Roll, press AB when guarding an attack, can also be done while using a normal, costs one meter

GCCD - Guard Cancel Blowback Attack, press CD when guarding an attack, costs one meter. Often referred as CD Counter

cl.C - Standing close hit strong punch. Since most far hits are non-cancelable, standing attacks such as cl.C are always the close version

Far D - Standing far D

cr.B - Crouching or down B


                  up (u)
 (ub)  up left - 7 8 9 - up right (uf)
     (b)   left - 4 5 6 - right (f)

(db) down left - 1 2 3 - down right (df)
                  down (d)

j. - Jump/jumping - Press and hold up-back/up/up-forward

Hyperjump - Press down-back/down/down-forward, then quickly press and hold up-back/up/up-forward

Hop - Tap up-back/up/up-forward

Hyperhop - Tap down-back/down/down-forward, then quickly tap up-back/up-forward

cl. – Close – Close standing attack (e.g. cl.C)

cr. – Crouch – Crouching attack (e.g. cr.B)

st. – Stand – Standing attack (e.g. st.B)

bb. – Backdash – Tap back twice quickly

ff. - Dash - Tap forward twice quickly

Hit detection notes

Although other sources may have different definitions, hit detection for this wiki is defined by the following:

Overhead - An attack that must be blocked high.

Mid - An attack that can be blocked either high or low.

Low - An attack that must be blocked low.

The King of Fighters XV

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