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Depending on how much time is left on the clock determines how much life you regenerate the next round. As of this writing, it is unknown if health values are standardized or if they are character specific, as in KoF XIV.

Meter Mechanics

At the bottom of the screen is a number next to a meter that can gradually fill up over the course of a round. This is the super meter, and the number represents how many stocks of super meter the character currently has stored. As the number of stocks increases, certain additional actions become available to the character:

  • ½ stock: Can perform EX special moves
  • 1 stock: Can perform Super Special Moves, GCAB, GCCD and Shatter Strike
  • 2 stocks: Can perform MAX Super Special Moves and activate MAX mode
  • 3 stocks: Can perform a Climax Super Special Move

The maximum number of stocks available to a character depends on the character’s position in the team order. The first character may store up to 3 stocks, the second may store up to 4, and the final character may store up to 5 stocks of super meter. Super meter accumulated by a character who was knocked out will carry over to the next character. Super meter can be gained by:

  • Hitting with any attacks aside from normal throws and air throws
  • Having any attacks blocked
  • Performing special move, regardless of whether they were hit, blocked, or whiffed (with some exceptions)

Shatter Strike

At the cost of 1 stock of super meter, you can input Qcf.gif+C.gifD.gif to perform an enhanced version of your character's blowback attack that absorbs attacks performed by the opponent.

If you hit a grounded opponent with this attack, it causes a crumple state, while hitting an airborne opponent causes a wall bounce. Additionally, you will regain half a stock of super meter if you successfully land a Shatter Strike.

MAX Mode

Above the super meter is the MAX mode indicator. While active, you can enter MAX mode by pressing B.gifC.gif. In reality, MAX mode comes in two forms, one when activated normally and one when activated as a cancel from a normal or command normal. These may be referred to as raw MAX and quick MAX respectively.

Raw MAX is indicated by a blue visual effect, it increases the damage and guard bar damage dealt by the character. Additionally, it allows EX special moves to be performed for free as long as the mode is active.

MAX Mode (Quick)

Quick MAX is indicated by a red visual effect, it cancels your attack and allows you to continue your combo or blockstring. It has a much shorter timer and does not increase damage or guard bar damage. It still allows you to perform EX special moves without spending super meter, but at the cost of reducing the MAX mode timer drastically.

EX Special Moves

EX Special Moves are powered-up special moves. They are performed in MAX Mode and consume a small amount of the mode's gauge. To activate one outside of MAX Mode, you can use one half of the power gauge.

Super Special Moves

Super Special Moves are powerful special moves activated with specific command inputs. They require and consume one block of the power gauge.

MAX Super Special Moves

Max Super Special Moves are powerful Super Special Moves activated with specific command inputs. They require and consume two blocks of the power gauge.

Climax Super Special Moves

Climax Super Special Moves are ultimate special moves activated with specific command inputs. They require and consume three blocks of the power gauge. In KoF XV, all Climax Super Special Moves are performed with a universal command, 2141236CD.

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