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You can access Kouryu by highlighting Kaede at the character select screen, and pressing C 10 times, B 5 times, and C 4 more times.

If you perform this correctly, you'll hear his deep voice and then you can select him with A or D.



  • A, B, and C can cancel in both Power Mode and Speed Mode
  • forward + B (Power and Speed) is not cancellable
  • forward + C in Speed Mode is not cancellable


  • all but low A in Power mode can cancel when crouching

Ground Hits

  • df + B
  • df + C
  • C

Special Moves

Arrow Show - qcf + A/B

  • Kouryu's sword transforms into a bow and shoots an arrow
  • The projectiles have an incredibly tall hitbox, completely stuffing hops and often anti-airing the opponent inadvertently
  • Can be held by holding down the button, but the move's properties won't change if you do so

Big Slash - qcb + C

  • Kouryu delivers a highly damaging slash
  • Acts as an overhead
  • Anti-air

Quad Rusher qcb + A/B (x4)

  • Kouryu dashes and attacks with up to four strikes
  • Super Cancel able

Mode Swap BCD

  • Kouryu has the power to change the mode he uses mid-match
  • If used in EX mode, Kouryu will simply play the animation without switching stances
  • Fully invincible from frame 1 with no recovery

Desperation Moves

Fire Phoenix Super - f, hcf + A (in-air)

  • Kouryu reaches with an outstretched hand to injure opponent. If it connects, opponent explodes

Earth Slasher Super - f, hcf + B (close-in)

  • Kouryu reaches to grab. If grab is successful, tosses opponent across the screen, then damages with sword

Water Tornado Super - f, hcf

  • Kouryu uses a deep slash to create a tornado effect if hit connects

Lightning Dragon Super - f, hcf D

  • An upward slash brings down lightning strikes

Super Desperation Moves

Ultimate End - b, hcb

  • Kouryu slashes in the air, followed by a dramatic scene of slashing and overpowering. Kouryu has the power to almost if not finish you off with this almost too easily


Any Mode

Dash A/B, qcf A
Dash A/B, f, hcf B
j B, B, qcf A, df C
j B, B, f, hcf B

Power Mode Only

j B, f C, qcf A, df C
j B, f C, qcb A, f, hcf D
j B, f C, qcb A (x3), f, hcf A (in-air)

EX Mode Only

Dash A/B, B, qcb A, f, hcf B
j B, b A, A, A, B, qcb A (x3), f, hcf A (in-air)
Dash A/B, B, hcb, hcb B
Dash A/B, B, BC, qcb A (x3), f, hcf A

Power and EX Mode

Dash A/B, qcb A, f, hcf B
j B, B, qcb A, f, hcf D
j B, B, qcb A (x3), f, hcf A (in-air)
j B, B, hcb, hcb B

Speed and EX Mode

j B, b A, A, A, B, f B
Dash A/B, B, qcb A (x4), df C
Dash A/B, B, f, hcf D
j B, b A, A, A, B, f, hcf B
(Super Combo) A, B, C, d C, d C, f BC, qcb A (x3), df C
A + B + C + d C + BC + qcf B

Super Speed Combos

A + B + C + A + B + C + A + B + qcf C
A + B + C + A + B + C + C + qcf B
A + B + C + d C + d C + f BC
A + B + C + d C + BC + qcf B
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