Benimaru Nikaido (98UM)

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Normal Moves


Catch and Shoot - (close) f/b + C

Front Suplex - (close) f/b + D

Spinning Knee Drop - (mid air) f/d/b + C

Command Moves

Jackknife Kick - f + B

Flying Drill - (air) d + D

Special Moves

Raijinken - qcf + A/C (possible in the air)

  • The A version hits in front of him, while the C version hits diagonally above him, both for 3 hits
  • A version Doesn't knockdown
  • C version launches opponents on hit, allows you any follow ups. But it wont hit ANY CROUCHER, even Chang. They can crouch and punish it easily.
  • C version has high body invulnerability, makes it an amazing anti air.
  • On block, the enemy is pushed back midscreen, while in the corner point blank, Benimaru is open for punishment while he is in recovery

Benimaru Collider - (close) hcb, f + A/C

  • Leaves opponent right in front of you with hadr knockdown, gives you amazing Oki opportunities.

Triple Resist Kick - hcb + B/D

  • Has short lower body invulnerability on start up.

Shinku Katategoma - qcb + A/C

Iai Geri - qcf + B/D

  • Causes hard knockdown against airborne.

Super Lightning Kick - dp + B/D

  • B version doesn't knockdown, while D version does and is cancel-able into
  • the start up has brief lower body invincibility
  • punishable if whiffed

Desperation Moves

Raiko Katategoma - qcb, qcb + B/D

  • Very fast super you can use for any combos.

Electrigger - (close) hcb, hcb + A/C

  • Became a 0f start up command grab, can't jump out from it after super freeze frame. Does not so great damage.

Raikoken - qcf, qcf + A/C



1.)cr.B, qcf+K

  • You can cr.b up to 3 times depending on the distance, tip range won't work so becareful.

2.)cr.B, dp+D

  • Same with cr.B, qcf+K, with more damage and soft knockdown but less stun. Though getting stun became too hard in 98um, so this is your go to combo.

3.)cr.B, qcf+C, super jump.D or CD

  • Amazing corner carry.

4.)cl.C or D or cr.C, hcb+D

  • Nice damage combo you can get from heavy button.

5.)(close)cr.B hcb,f+P

  • Gives you a great Oki afterward.