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Thai Kick - cl. f + C

  • Joe does Frankensteiner
  • Opponent lands on opposite side

Hiza Jigoku - cl. f + D

  • Joe repeatedly knees the opponent in the stomach
  • Mashable throw

Special Moves

Slash Kick - charge db~uf + K

  • Joe does a kick and fly's across the screen
  • D version goes full screen

TNT Punch - mash P

  • Rapid punches

Tiger Kick - qcf uf + K

  • Tiger Knee
  • C version goes higher/farther

Hurrican Upper - hcf + P

  • A tornado projectile that goes full screen
  • C version comes out faster

Desperation Move

Screw Upper (DM) - f hcf + BC

  • A much larger flaming Hurricane Upper, moves a very short range
Fatal Fury Special



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