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'''Ressen Shou''' - cl. f + C
'''Ressen Shou''' - cl. f + C

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Ressen Shou - cl. f + C

  • Tung does a barrage of punches to the opponent

Special Moves

Senshippo - qcb + P

  • A punch that lunges towards the opponent
  • C version goes father
  • Can be comboed into

Gekihou - mash C

  • Tung makes a large muscular image above himself

Ressen Kyaku - charge db~uf + K

  • A barrage of kicks
  • D version does more hits

Shou Ha - charge db~uf + P

  • A projectile that doesn't leave Tung's palm
  • Has a lot of range
  • C version goes farther
  • Can be comboed into

Desperation Move

Senpuu Gouken - f, df, d, u + BC

  • Tung spins around whilst making a bigger image of himself hitting the opponent