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Knee Smasher - cl. 6+C

  • Roll over the knee throw
  • Opponent lands on opposite side

Lift Up Blow - cl. df + C

Neck Hang Blow - cl. f + D

  • Holds them up in the air and repeatedly punches them in the gut
  • Mashable throw

Special Moves

High Blitz Ball - qcb + P

  • A standard fireball that goes full screen
  • C version is slightly faster
  • Can be comboed into

Low Blitz Ball - qcb + K

  • same as High Blitz Ball except it comes out lower to the ground
  • C version is slightly faster
  • Can be comboed into

Leg Tomahawk - qcf + K

  • A rolling kick
  • C version goes a bit higher
  • Can be comboed into

Atemi Nage - (counter) hcf, uf + P

  • Krauser counters their attack then throws them
  • C version they get thrown farther for more damage

Desperation Move

Kaiser Wave - charge b~uf + AC

  • Krauser charges then throws a wave across the screen
  • Can be comboed into
Fatal Fury Special



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