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== Basic Information ==

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Basic Information


Anvil Slam - b/f + C

  • Grabs the opponent and performs a shoulder attack
  • Normal throw
  • Can be broken

Swift SHoulder Throw - b/f + D

  • Flips the opponent and then performs an elbow drop.
  • Standard reverse throw
  • Can be broken

Command Moves

Drop to Naraku - in air, d + C

  • Kyo-2's primary BnB starter. Drop to Naraku has good hitstun,good damage,and comes out very fast. One of the small "Cons" about this command move is that its hitbox is very small and could easily whiff when normal/hyper jumping. It is best to cancel into Drop into Naraku from Kyo-2's jumping B(u + B, d + C). Keep in mind that jumping B will not cancel into d + C when performing a short/hyper short hop.

Thundering Axe Burst - f + B

  • Kyo-2's main overhead. Thundering Axe Burst is two hits,overhead,comes out fast,and it is super cancelable. Although Thunder Axe Burst seems like a perfect command move there are some set-backs. It is punishable when blocked and if the opponent blocks the first hit(Not an overhead)then they can block the second hit.

Special Moves

Fireball - dp + A/C

  • Kyo-2 surrounds himself in flames and jumps in the air doing a 360 motion(A/C versions dictate how high he jumps). Fireball is a standard Dp(623 + A/C),it has some invincibility on start up,and the C version can cancel into both DM's and SDM. Fireball can be used as an anti-air,on wake up,and stop short hops. If fireball is baited Kyo-2(like all Dp's)will be vulnerable so try not to be predictable.

Crescent Slash - hcb + B/D

  • Kyo-2 dashes towards the opponent and strikes with his elbow(like Kusanagi or original Kyo)then picks up the opponent with his other arm and explodes. Although the move animation is very similar to Kyo Kusanagi and Kusanagi the difference is very vivid. Crescent Slash is slower,does more damage,and cannot combo from any of his command moves. Crescent Slash is best used as a tool to punish(cl C or d + D, hcb + B/D). NOTE: do NOT use when you are mid/Full screen away from opponent.

R.E.D. Kick - rdp + B/D

  • Kyo-2 vaults toward the opponent using his leg as a hammer(Like Fireball B/D versions determine how far/distance he closes between you and the opponent. R.E.D. Kick is one of the most devestating moves Kyo-2 have if utilized correctly. It is an overhead,Beats most air normals,and best of all its safe on block. R.E.D. kick is best utilized when anticipating a jump in or projectile. The few cons that this special move has is that it can be punished with a well timed anti-air or a DM/SDM/HSDM and cannot combo into without the use of max mode.

Poison Gnaw Fest - qcf + C

  • Kyo-2 spins and strikes with his arm covered in flames. Poison Gnaw Fest has good range,invincibiity when kyo-2 spins,and can be used as a poke.

> Recitation of Sins - During Poison Gnaw Fest, hcb + A/C

  • Kyo-2 continues the special moves by additionally using his burning arm to strike the opponent again.

>> Verdict - During Recitation of Sins, f + P

  • Kyo-2 ends the rekka by additionally striking with his shoulder while rising.
  • Rekkas

Wicked Chew - qcf + A

  • Kyo-2 strikes with arm that is swiftly ignited(Same properties as the original). Wicked chew is primarily used in all of Kyo-2 BnB's.

> Masticate - During Wicked Chew, qcf + A/C

  • Kyo-2 uppercuts the opponent and it acts as a launcher to set up the next part of the rekka.

>> Oxidation 1 - During Masticate, A/C

  • Kyo-2 uses his to slam the opponent down.
  • Super cancellable

>> Rapids of Rage - During Masticate, B/D

  • Kyo-2 kicks the opponent while airborn to the other end the screen.

> Oxidation 2 - During Wicked Chew, hcb + A/C

  • Kyo-2 instead of launching the opponent performs an overhead by striking downward with his ignited elbow.
  • Overhead

>> Intensetaneous Smash - During Oxidation 2, A/C

  • Kyo-2 strikes downward on his knees(mimics Kyo-1)

>> Phantom Mauler - During Oxidation 2, B/D

  • Guard break if opponent blocks
  • Super cancellable

Desperation Moves

Final Showdown - qcf x 2 + A/C

Futsu no Mitama - qcf x 2 + B/D > Additional attack - dp + B/D

  • Futsu no Mitama is similar to Kyo-2 Dp motion(FireBall)but is extended from him doing a 360 to a 720 rotation surronded by flames and if the attack connects Kyo-2 can follow up with an extra attack. Futsu no Mitama is a great anti-air and has invincibility on start up.

Super Desperation Moves

Final Showdown - qcf x 2 + AC

  • Kyo-2 creates a large pillar of flame then rushes through it with a flury of punches while on fire then finishing the SDM with his special move "Fire Ball". Unlike his desperation move his SDM version does not break the opponents guard if it is blocked, it does significantly more damage, and like his SDM version it can be combo into almost every variation of his Bnb.


Hi no Kaguzuchi - hcb x 2 + BD

  • Kyo-2 mimics his Crescent Slash but instead of instantly exploding the opponent Kyo-2 burns the opponent by setting his body on fire while he is choking them then he explodes. Hi no Kaguzuchi is a very effective HSDM due to the fact that it is possible to combo into with most of Kyo-2's BnB also it is a perfect tool for punishing and worth the stocks it takes.


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