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Close Standing

  • 5A: Jab, cancelable.
  • 5B: Looks identical to far B but is much faster, cancelable, OTG.
  • 5C: 2 hit upward slash. Both hits cancelable, the second puts the opponent in the air, not knocking down.
  • 5D: Quick knee as Kaede's primary heavy button for combos.

Far Standing

  • 5A: Somewhat spammable horizontal slice for poking and to some degree anti-airing.
  • 5B: Stomp kick with some start-up, cancelable, OTG.
  • 5C: One-handed downward motion that briefly covers above and in front of Kaede.
  • 5D: Slightly faster but shorter and less mashable poke than far A.


  • 2A: Jab that's cancelable, chains from itself, cl.A, cl.B and cr.B. i.e. his best light confirm.
  • 2B: Fast but short low, cancelable. Chain into cr.A.
  • 2C: Upward 45° slash, committing anti-air, cancelable.
  • 2D: Very standard sweep, cancelable.


  • j.A: Can't decide if it wants to be a jump-in or an anti-air. Ends up sucking at both. Cross-up exists and is the most awkward of 3.
  • j.B: Nice kick angle for jump-in, can cross-up.
  • j.C: Good committal jump-in swing with some start-up.
  • j.D: Alright jump-in, best option for air-to-air. Difficult cross-up that you can't land on short characters and a number of crouchers.

Blowback Attack Pressing the E button while blocking will allow Kaede to counter with the 2nd hit of his qcb+A, and he will then tag out.


Ittou Rai Tei: b/f + CD (also in air)

  • Can be broken on ground. Kaede jumps with the opponent and rolls over them as they hit the ground, Kaede recovering first and in position to cross-up j.B with a normal forward jump.
  • Air throw prompts a lightning bolt to strike as Kaede and his opponent land, doing a bit more damage and leaving Kaede in the same okizeme position as ground throw.
    • Cannot be combo'd into after command grab like in The Last Blade duology.
    • Regardless of what direction you held beforehand, Kaede will do the throw in the opposite direction he was facing (e.g. Kaede faces right, air throw has him roll left over the opponent, is still facing right).

Command Moves


  • description

Special Moves


  • description


  • description


  • description

Desperation Moves


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  • description


  • description

General Strategy

  • Block strings to use are:


(more to be updated)

Color Palettes

  • Note: The "S" button is the start button.

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