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  • cl. A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • Close B hits low, combos into her dp+K and her qcfx2+K DM.
  • Close C hits mid, links right into her qcb+B if you ever wish to score a quick kncokdown.
  • Close D works exactly like close C except with more range.


  • st.A/D are whiff/cancel-able
  • Stand B is very quick, can be used as an AA poke but you have to be close.
  • Stand C is very slow and despite the look of it it can be blocked high.
  • Stand D while it has more range than st.C is still a little slow, however it is whiff/cancel-able so you can use to mess with your opponents, they may head think that they're just going to punish your stand D but end up eating a combo instead.


  • cr.A/B/C/D are whiff/cancel-able
  • Crouch A chains into itself.
  • Crouch B chains into other lights, including itself.
  • Crouch C makes her hitbox slide forward upon activation, can be used to close the gap between you and the opponent, links into Jealousy Bomber DM (lvl. 3) DM.
  • Crouch D is a slide kick which makes her hitbox move forward upon activation, sweeps the opponent and will also link into her Ultimate Juggles, Hearty Brandisher Type A/F (qcb+A~qcf+A) is always the prefered follow-up because it's guaranteed.


  • j.B/C/D all cross-up.
  • Jump B has pretty good reach.
  • Jump C is a headbutt attack, it can cross-up but the hitbox is awkward.
  • Jump D's hitbox extends to her other leg making it easy to use to cross-up, meaty attack.

Blowback Attack

  • Kisarah smack them with her school bag then tags out.


Swearing Smash: (b/f+CD)

  • Kisarah grabs the opponent then smacks then a few times, then flings her school bag to knock the opponent away.
  • Can be broken.

Command Moves

Snapping Stamp Kick: (b+D)

  • Kisarah swings her left leg forward to kick the opponent in the head, when do alone the start-up is very slow and is very likely to leave you wide open, however it is also an Overhead Attack. As for combing into it's rather difficult because when used after a normal her hitbox is slightly pushed back making a very nex to impossible without some specific set-up. This move is very hit and miss so use it wisely. This also happens to be her first "Ultimate Juggle" which if you read the primer can net you a free hit after just about anything as long as they aren't knocked down. Think up some unique ways to incorporate this move with it and it may end up being used in your general strategy.
  • Overhead Attack
  • Ultimate Juggle
  • Combos from: Crouch C

Round Heel Kick: (f+D)

  • Kisarah swings her left leg forward to hit the opponent over the head, yes it's an overhead attack and a pretty good one at that. When used alone (like Snapping Stamp Kick) the start-up is way too long for comfort, however when combo'd into it's very fast and knocks them down very quickly preventing almost any chance they would have to guard.
  • Overhead Attack
  • Combos from: st/cr.X

Special Moves

Hearty Brandisher Type B: (qcb+B)

  • Kisarah swings her school bag to sweep the opponents legs knocking them down. Very good move and it's crucial to a few things in her moveset. It has a relatively normal start-up speed so comboing it from strong st.X is always the best options to assure it will work. Because this move score a knockdown you have the option to continue with her Hearty Brandisher Type A/F (qcb+A~qcf+A) Ultimate Juggle for extra damage and to send the opponent flying to the other side of the screen. There are other possible options for follow-ups but Hearty Brandisher A/F yields the best results with little to risk so you'd be better off just going for that.
  • Hits Low
  • Combos from: st/cr.X

Hearty Brandisher Type C: (qcb+C, hold to prolong)

  • Kisarah holds her bag, then she holds it like a shield then hits them with it causing them to stumble forward, the start-up is too long to make it combo-able. The main use for this move is just to pull the opponent and possibly set them up for her command grab or Jealousy Bomber, the problem is despite that it pulls them in the recovery lasts a little to long to make the possible follow-up safe. The recovery animation is the same as her idle animation and since it lasts about half a second it can get really confusing to time the move you want to finsh the combo with. The max amount of time you can prolong the move is about 4~5 seconds.
  • Press D during the prolonging to feint
  • Delay Time: 4 seconds

Hearty Brandisher Type D: (qcb+D, hold to prolong)

  • Kisarah holds her bag, then lifts her leg, steps forward to kick the opponent in the leg then smack them with her bag. Another great move in her arsenal despite the fact that it lacks combo set-ups. This move also has 3 levels of attack, the first just makes her hit the opponent but they don't get knocked down. After about .3~.5 of a second you reach level two which has her knock the opponent into the air like most normal moves. After a whole second has passed you reached level three which has the eneding hit knocking them really high into the air setting them up to eat whatever comes afterward. Her Ultimate Juggles aren't fast enough but a good replace follow-up is her Cutey Rainbow (dp+K) and (SC) Splash Air Dance (qcfx2+K) DM. Take note that while charging if you let go and rapidly press D it'll make Kisarah bypass the prolonged start-up and go straight to her attack. Another good way to gauge the charge time is to look at her eyes, one blink means level 2 charge, while two blinks means she reached level three.
  • Press C during the prolonging to feint
  • Delay Time: 4 seconds
  • Press D rapidly to bypass start-up time
  • Combos into: Cutey Rainbow (dp+P), which can then lead to Splash Air Dance (qcfx2+K) if you wish to super cancel

Hearty Brandisher Type A: (qcb+A)

  • Kisarah swings her bag to hit the opponent over the head, possibly one of if not her best special attack. The start-up is slow which makes it very annyoing if you ever try to combo into it raw. But the thing is it doesn't really work that way with this move as it's part of an Ultimate Juggle. You score a knockdown (example would be her Crouch D or Hearty Brandisher Type B since it knocks down) this move will set them up.
  • Overhead Attack
  • Ultimate Juggle
  • Combos from: Sweeps, Crouch D

Hearty Brandisher Type F: (qcf+A)

  • Continuing from her overhead attack this move will have Kisarah swing her bag upward to send the opponent flying across the screen. Part two of the Ultimate Juggle from Hearty Brandisher Type A, it is prefered to always use this move after the qcf+A so that you get as much damage out of the combo as you can.
  • Ultimate Juggle (2)

Hip Bazooka: (qcf+A/C)

  • Kisarah leaps forward to hit the opponent with her side, another long move with a rather poor start-up. No combo use here, but in terms of regular use it can be useful. The weak version works like any other move, while the strong version knocks them down upon contact. It isn't all that safe if they manage to guard however it can be useful in other ways. One notable thing is that within half-screen distance the weak version can cross-up up the opponent allowing for additional attacks. The strong version doesn't work as well since it knocks down but it can be used as a reversal to quickly get away from the opponent before they get a chance to attack you again.
  • Overhead Attack
  • Airborne Attack
  • Weak version does a normal hit, strong version knocks down
  • Weak version crosses-up

Rhythmic Bound: (A/B/C/D)

  • After the Hip Bazooka you have the choice to press any of the face buttons to keep the combo going. This is more of a carry move than an actual attack, it's just to help the move along.
  • Resets her body to normal
  • Carry Move
  • Combos from: Hip Bazooka (qcf+A/C, preferably A)

>┗Rhythmic Kick: (A/B/C/D)

  • After the first to moves, pressing any of the face buttons again will have Kisarah fall from the air doing a split kick attack. In order to get this move to work you have to get the timing for Rythmic Bound down to a sync otherwise it'll never work. This kick finisher is great for ending combos after Hip Bazooka and if have the additional meter you also have the choice to continue with her Splash Air Dance (qcfx2+K) DM.
  • Super Cancel-able
  • Combos from: Rythmic Bound (qcf+A/C~A/B/C/D)
  • Combos into: (SC) Splash Air Dance (qcfx2+K)

Vaulting Over: (hcb, f+P) close

  • Kisarah grabs the opponent then leaps over them, doesn't really have any definitive use outside of super canceling because it doesn't do any damage off the bat. Always super cancel whenever you get the chance if you ever use this move because the recovery isn't all that great and it's bound to leave you wide open to be punished.
  • Carry Move
  • Command Grab
  • Super Cancel-able
  • Combos into: (SC) Splash Air Dance (qcfx2+K)

Cheerleader Kick: (qcf+B/D)

  • Kisarah leaps forward to kick the opponent in the face, yet another great with many great purposes. The start-up is very fast making it very easy to combo from just about anything. It can be super canceled on hit into her Splash Air Dance Dm if you have the extra meter. The weak version is very fast and can even be used as anti-air despite it's slightly rigid hitbox. The strong version has a little bit longer start-up but the differences aren't all that crucial.
  • Super Cancel-able
  • Combos from: st/cr.X
  • Combos into: (SC) Splash Air Dance (qcfx2+K)

Cutey Rainbow: (dp+B/D)

  • Kisarah launches off the ground like a rocket to kick the opponent into the air. Her only dp attack through out all of her moves, this one of course works like a dp as well. The weak version does two hits and goes about as high as a regular jump, the strong version however does three hits and makes her launch much higher into the air. Neither version is really safe so try your best to combo into it when you can or if you're right under them during a jump. Both versions are super cancel-able on any hit into her Splash Air Dance DM.
  • Anti-Air
  • Super Cancel-able
  • Combos from: st/cr.X except cl/cr.D
  • Combos into: (SC) Splash Air Dance (qcfx2+K)

Happy Presser

  • After the kick she will then sit on the opponent sending them falling towards the ground. A great combo ender for extra damage and to keep the opponent close. Comboing into it can be kinda of pain at first because if you press the buttons to fast it'll make her super cancel the Cutey Rainbow into her air DM. You have to time that you do the dp then do the same input again but not in one quick swift motion. The easiet way to do it is after the strong version because of the slightly longer start-up.
  • Combos from: Cutey Rainbow (dp+K, D version on 2nd hit)

Desperation Moves

Splash Air Dance: (qcfx2+K) also in air

Jealousy Bomber: (hcfx2+P) close

General Strategy

  • Block strings to use are:


(more to be updated)

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