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Full name: Iroha (いろは)

Gameplay Overview


Close Normals

  • Close L/M/K are all cancel-able.
  • Close M does two hits, both can be canceled.
  • Close S makes the opponent stagger but the recovery to follow-up with an attack.
  • Close K is an aerial attack and be canceled into any of her air attacks.

Far Normals

  • Stand S makes her jump forward and do a slash, hard knockdown.

Crouch Normals

  • Crouch L/S are cancel-able.
  • Crouch M and K hit low.
  • Crouch S can be used as an anti-air it's still a little slow.
  • Crouch K is a great attack to use against the opponent as soon as they wake-up.
  • df+K will make her do a slide kick to sweep the opponent.

Jump Normals

  • Jump-in K is a good meaty jump-in.
  • Jump-in S does a lot of hit-stun but the timing is strict, works best after a triangle descend.


Triangle Jump (Descend) - press df near 1p wall in the air, db near 2p wall in air

  • Triangle jump descend is extremely useful for Iroha's wake-up games, anything from getting away from the opponent, or high mix-up to a quick jump-in K/S to a close normal combo.

Double Jump - press ub/u/uf then ub/u/uf again

  • Iroha is one of the few characters in this game that has a double jump, in terms of use isn't as wide as the triangle descend but still good for quickly getting away from opponents who are too close or that extra boost when trying to evade an attack or jumping in.

Special Move

Somersault - (f+K)

  • Iroha does a quick somersault to kick in the opponent in the head twice, a rather good attack to use against the opponent on wake-up. While it isn't all that safe on it's own it is cancel-able on both hits and if that isn't enough you can also whiff cancel it too. This move is all about timing and doesn't really work when just throw out at random, it works best against characters who don't have a reliable reversal to use so they're more likely to just cower in the corner and forget to block high when this move comes out. This move will also automatically cross the opponent up when they are on the ground (except against big characters like Kusaregedo) so if you ever need to get out of the corner then start a low hitting combo this is the best move to use.
  • Overhead Attack
  • Whiff/cancel-able

Shoulder Tackle - (b+K)


  • Iroha does a quick shoulder tackle knocking the opponent onto the ground. Sets the opponent up to be hit by a down attack afterward, if you want right before they get you can as have do a triangle jump then cross the opponent up with one of her air normals but it requires the opponent to be just outside of the corner. After the successful cross-up your range from a few things depending on which gauge you choose. The most basic option would be if you have the meter go for the DA/DWA to disarm them and tilt the match further in your favor. If you choose the IV gauge your best options would dwindle to do her "Continuous Slash" level 2/4 so that you can end combo doing good damage or building a lot of meter. Keep in mind that the opponent can safe roll the attack so if immediately go for her down attack you'll be left wide open to be punished. This can also be directly canceled into any of her special moves but the most preferred one is her mid or strong dp/pinwheel because after the opponent is sent into the air only a few moves are guaranteed to connect afterward, dp being the best choice because nets you most hits, meter, and punishes them back towards the corner. If you space from about half-screen you can whiff cancel it into her strong tatsu/pinwheel as well as a few of her other moves like her DA/DWA right before her shoulder hits.
  • Regular Knockdown
  • Whiff Cancel-able

Special Attacks

Wind Slash - press qcf+L/M/S/K also in air

Pinwheel - press qcb+L/M/S also in air

Dew Drizzle - press dp+L/M/S also in air

Rain Hollyhock - press f b f+K

Secret Moves

Dawn in Winter snow Moon Flower - (II) press f b hcb+MS also in air, (VI) press qcf+MS also in air


Crane's Dance - press qcf+LM, close

  • II/III/IV/V/VI/0/VII gauges only

Spirit Attacks