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  • cl. A/B/C (first hit) and cl. D are cancel-abl
  • cl. B hits mid despite the animation
  • cl. C hits twice, and is safe on block. The first hit is only cancel-able
  • cl. D hits low and is cancel-able


  • None of Seth's standing far normals are cancel-able
  • Far A is good for stopping incoming hops
  • Far B is a good poke that hits mid despite the animation
  • Far C is a palm thrust that has good range and pushes Seth away from the opponent
  • Far D can be used a meaty attack but isn't cancel-able


  • cr. A and cr. C are cancel-able
  • cr. A is chain-able into st. A and cr. B
  • cr. B hits low but doesn't chain into any other normals
  • cr. C can be used as a standing anti-air
  • cr. D hits low


  • j. A aims downward, and is good to use as an air-to-ground
  • j. B has a steeper downward angle than j.B
  • Neutral j. B points forward & can be used as an air-to-air attack or to stop incoming jumps
  • j. C aims downward and is cancel-able
  • j. D aims downward and is good to use as an air-to-ground attack


  • st. D has very long range and is whiff cancel-able
  • j. CD aims forward and is good to use as an air-to-air attack. It is also cancel-able too.


Elbow Strike [Hijiate Kara no Hadou Uchi] - close (b/f + C)

  • Seth grabs, lifts the opponent up, and punches them in the face several times
  • Can be mashed out
  • Soft knockdown

Circular Throw [Tomoe Nage] - close (b/f + D)

  • Seth grabs the opponent, then throws them toward the corner
  • Soft knockdown

Command Moves

Tackle - (f + A)

  • Seth performs a quick shoulder tackle
  • Good range, and nice amount of push-back on block
  • Causes a soft knockdown
  • Can be cancelled and can combo from close standing and crouching cancel-able normals

Mai Age Geri - (f + B)

  • This kick that is aimed at the opponent's shins actually hits mid - it does not hit low
  • Can be cancelled and can combo from close standing and crouching cancel-able normals
  • Special cancel-able only when canceled from close or crouching normals

Back Blow - (b + A)

  • A swinging back hand punch
  • Whiffs on characters that have low crouching heights (example: Iori, Kula, Choi, etc)
  • Can be cancelled and can combo from close standing and crouching cancel-able normals
  • Special cancel-able only when canceled from close or crouching normals

Sobat - b + B

  • A spinning sobat kick that has good horizontal range
  • Hits overhead
  • Only can be cancelled from Seth's cancel-able standing and crouching heavy normals
  • Not cancel-able

Slide Kick - df + B

  • A decent ranged slide kick
  • Can be used to low-profile and quickly anti-air opponents using air-to-air based jumping normals
  • Unsafe on block at a very close range
  • Can be cancelled and can combo from close standing and crouching cancel-able normals
  • Not cancel-able

Special Attacks

Rising Sun [Sho-Yoh] - (qcf + A/C)

  • Seth performs sort of a open hand wind-based uppercut move. The light punch (A) is a left handed uppercut while the heavy punch (C) version is a right handed uppercut that moves him forward slightly.
  • The A version causes two hits, and a soft knockdown while the C version is just one hit, has less damage than the A version, can counter-wire on counter hit, and gives the opponent a soft knockdown.
  • The A version can combo easily from his cancel-able standing and crouching light and heavy normals, while the C version can combo easier from cancel-able heavy normals
  • The A version can be super cancelled from the 1st or 2nd hit. The C version is super cancel-able as well but the super wont connect because the opponent will be knockdown away
  • Both versions push Seth back away from the opponent if blocked, but he can be punished by special moves and supers that can reach him while he is in recovery

Body Snatcher [Doh-Kuzushi] - (hcf + B/D)

  • The light kick version (B) counters jumping attacks, while the heavy kick version (D) counters ground based mid-attacks.
  • The light kick version slams the opponent to the ground causing a hard knockdown, while the heavy kick version temporary stuns the opponent throws them to opposite player side (similar to Iori's hcb,f+P command throw) and causes no damage

Foot Snatcher [Ashi-Tori] - (d, d + A/C)

  • This move counters low attacks and crouching attacks that aim at the legs (crouching light punches for example). The opponent gets thrown in the air and they are in a juggle-able state before they hit the ground.
  • Causes a hard knockdown
  • Very slow recovery if whiffed

Bow Moon [Kyu-Getsu] - (hcb + B/D)

  • Seth dash forward with a thrusting knee attack
  • The light kick version (B) travels 1/2 screen distance while the heavy kick version (D) travels 1/2 screen distance with a character space added. The D version is more safer on block than the B version.
  • Causes a soft knockdown
  • Seth is in a counter hit state during the dash
Ya-Getsu - f + K / Gen-Getsu - d + K
  • f + K is a mid attack that has the same animation as his back + B command move
  • down + K is a low attack that launches the opponent in a juggle-able state, and causes a soft knockdown. The sweep will whiff if the knee hits the opponent
  • These follow-ups can be released before the Bow Moon's knee is released on whiff

Raku-Getsu - qcf + B in air

An-Getsu - qcf + C in air

Ei-Getsu - qcf + D in air

Koh-Getsu - qcf + A in air

┗Slide Kick - df+ B


Morote-Sho-Yoh - qcf x 2 + A/C

Irimi-Nadazuki - qcf, hcb + B/D

Doh-Tori-Shichimonsatsu - qcf, hcb + A/C

Super DM

Doh-Tori-Shichimonsatsu - qcf, hcb + AC


Shigure-Rangiku - f, hcf + AC


Training Mode Video

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