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The King of Fighters XIV/Terry Bogard

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* st. A: Jabs forward with outer arm. High hit-detection. Only cancels into DM. Does not chain.
* st. B: Terry delivers a short side kick at a lower angle. This move has mid hit-detection. Does cancel into anything accept for DM. Does not chain.
* st. C: Terry does a painful-looking straight punch. Does not cancel into anything other than DM.
* st. D: Terry performs a high angle side kick. High-hit detection. Does not cancel. Only cancels to DM
* cl. A: Elbows the opponents face. Does not chain into other lights. Chains into command moves. Surprisingly it combos into f+A and df+CWill cancel into special moves.
* cl. B: Low kick towards the opponents leg. Does not chain to other lights. Chains and combos into command moves. Cancels into special moves.
* cl. C: Two-hit punch to the opponents midsection. Both hits will chain to command moves and cancel into special moves.
* cl. D: Performs a knee strike. Forces stand on hit. Chains to command moves and cancels into special moves.
* cr. A
* cr. B
* cr. C
* cr. D
* j. A
* j.B
* j. C
* j. D
* st. CD
* j. CD

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