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The King of Fighters XIV/Kim Kaphwan

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==0 meter==
* cr.B x3, d~u+D = 193 dmg(place This light combo hereis the basic chain you'll use in pressure often. if you are ill-spaced, some hits of d~u+D won't connect, so you may wish to replace with the B version.)  * cr.B, st.B, ff+A qcb+A = 149 dmg(This won't hit crouchers, and you won't want to react to their position either, so I include this as a punish when you don't have time to charge the flash kick) * cr.C, qcb+D = 178 dmg(place damage amount hereAn alternate punish that takes advantage of cr.C's range.* j.C cl.C qcb+D = 238 dmg (place Kim's combo description hereoptions meterless are limited, so this is about the best you'll get. will come in handy when cancelling into super though.) *(corner) st.CD d~u+D = 183 dmg(Replace with qcb+D if you are not in range. )
==1 meter==