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The King of Fighters XIV/Verse

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Super Special Moves
'''Verse Run''' - (qcfX2 + A/C)
* (description here)Verse Ray: Souped up Stray Hand. Verse shoots a massive hand that flies across the screen at mid height.*180 damage and has invuln frames on startup.'''Max:'''327 damage. 3 hits, 115 damage each before scaling.
'''Meteor Verse''' - (qcfx2 + B/D)
* Verse drops a barrage of fists from the sky a fixed distance away from him. This super can hit downed opponents (description hereOTG), like after being hit with cl.C or Darkness Collision. * Note not all hits will always connect. * Hits overhead.'''Max:'''A massive barrage of fists drop, dealing 40 damage with the first, dropping by 2 damage with each fist before damage scaling maxes out at 20 damage per fist. This version will rain the fists starting in front of Verse, but eventually hit those at an HK version's distance away as well.
=Climax Super Special Moves=