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The King of Fighters XIV/Hein

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* cl. A: Close chop with decent range. Special Cancel-able. cl. B is better overall. 5 frame startup and -3 on block.
* cl. B: Hits low. You can employ this after an empty hops as it starts up faster than his cr.B, combos into '''Bayonet ''' and is Special Cancel-able. 4 frame start up and -1 on block.
* cl. C: Combo filler. Cancels into '''Bayonet ''' and Special Cancel-able. 8 frame start up and 0 on block.
* cl. D: Starts up a frame faster than cl.C. Cancels into Bayonet and Special Cancel-able. Seems to activate farther out cl.C. Does same damage as cl.C.
* cr. A: Good poke with fast start up. Chains into cr.B and '''Bayonet'''. Special Cancel-able. 4 frame start up and only -1 on block.
* cr. B: Another good poke for him and his main combo starter. Chains into itself and combos into '''Bayonet'''. Hits low. Special Cancel-able but combos into nothing without '''Bayonet''''s help. Depending on Hein's spacing, you may have to cut a cr. B or two out of your combos in order for Bayonet to hit. 5 frame start up and only -1 on block
* cr. C: Another poke. Has nice range though not as nice as the animation would suggest. Doesn't hit low. Special Cancel-able. Good to cancel into '''Rook''' or maybe even A '''Bayonet'''. 9 frame start up and +1 on block.
* cr. D: Sweep with good range. Special Cancel-able.