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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Yuri Sakazaki

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:''Yuri Super Slash (CW) Starter''
*hcf+D, qcf hcb+K
(Deals around 31% damage)  :'''Max Mode Attack Strings'''(use these combos after you have raw activated max mode) ''Corner Only''* [BC] f+A, qcf+B, cr.C, df+D, hcb+K (miss) dp+C (SC) qcf hcb+K(inflicts around 49% damage)
(deals around 38% damage. Ends in a soft knockdown
''Corner Only''
* (j.C/j.D) cl.C, df+D, hcb+K (miss) dp+C (SC) qcf hcb+K
(with the jump-in, deals around 50% damage)
* cr.B, cr.A, qcfx2+BD - Damage: 42/100 (3 Meters)  '''Close C StarterMax Mode Attack Strings'''* cl.C, df+D, qcf+C - Damage: ?/100  *cl.C, df+B, qcf hcb+K - Damage: 34/100 (1 Meter)  *cl.C, df+D, qcfx2+BD - Damage: 61/100 (3 Metersuse this combos after you have raw activated max mode)
''Corner Only''
* [BC] f+A, qcf+B, cr.C, df+D, qcfx2+BD
(ends in a soft knockdown. Deals around 40% damage)
'''Jump X Starter'''
*j.D, cl.D, dp+C~dp+P - Damage: 34/100'''3 Stocks'''
*j.D, cr.B, cr.A, dp+C~dp+P - Damage: 31/100 *j.D, cl.C, hcfqcfx2+BBD*j.D, cr.C, qcf hcb+K - Damage: 38/100 (1 Metervery damaging and easy to land
:''Yuri Super Slash (CW) Starter''*j.hcf+D, cr.C, dp+C, (SC) qcf hcb+KAC - Damage: 46/100 (2 MetersYou must be at 30% life for the HSDM. Also, it is screen position specific to land the HSDM. Deals around 56% damage.)
:'''Quick Max'''
*j.D, crcl.C, qcfx2df+BD - Damage: 63/100 (3 Meters) *j.D, hh.C - Damage: 18/100   '''Yuri Super Slash (CW) Starter'''*hcf+D, [BC] qcf hcb+K - Damage: 32/100 (1 Meter)  *hcf+D, qcfx2+BDAC - Damage: 58/100 (3 Meters)  '''Corner'''* qcf+A (CH), stYou must be at 30% life for the HSDM.CD * qcf+A (charge), qcf hcb+K - Damage: 38/100 (1 Meter)  * qcf+A (charge), dp+C~dp+P - Damage: 34/100  *qcf+A (charge), qcfx2+BD - Damage: 31/100 (3 Meters) *qcf+A (charge), dp+C, (SC) qcfx2+BD - Damage: 38/100 (4 Meters)  * [BC] f+A, qcf+B, crGood to use as a punish.C, df+D, qcfx2+BD - Damage: 70/100 (2 MetersInflicts around 61% damage
* [BC] (f+A, qcf+B, cr.C)×n (only works on fat characters)
'''Air Starter'''
* qcf+B (landing), cr.X, qcf hcb+D
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