Terry Bogard (98UM)

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Normal Moves


Grasping Upper - b/f + C (close)

  • Terry grabs the opponent then does a left hook punching them in the face.
  • Can be broken, regular knockdown.

Buster Throw - b/f + D (close)

  • Terry grabs the opponent then flips them over his shoulder and onto the ground, because it causes a reverse knockdown it can be used to set-up a meaty jump-in afterward whether it's middle screen or to the corner.
  • Can be broken, reverse knockdown.

Command Moves

Back Knuckle - f + A

  • Terry swings his arm forward hitting the opponent twice. A good command normal for Terry but it only gets most of it's use when you want to combo into one of his DM's, most of his special attacks aren't fast enough unless you bypassing using the strong normal to combo into it.
  • Free Cancel-able (2nd hit only)
  • Combos into: Power Charge~Rising Tackle

Rising Upper - df + C

  • Terry does a quick left hook hitting the opponent in the face. Another useful command,comes out very quick so you have to be fast if you want to cancel, light Burn Knuckle in most cases is the best option as it's fast and relatively safe.
  • Free Cancel-able but only if canceled into

Combos into: light Burn Knuckle/Power Wave/Crack Shoot etc

Special Moves

Power Wave - qcf + A/C

Burning Knuckle - qcb + A/C

Crack Shoot - qcb + B/D

Rising Tackle - dp + A/C

Power Dunk - dp + B/D

Power Charge hcf + B/D

Desperation Moves

Power Geyser - qcb,db,f + A/C

High Angle Geyser - qcf X 2 + B/D