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Charaimg terry.png


(*) = EX OK

(!) = MAX OK


Buster Throw (Forward) - close Bk.gif / Fd.gif + C.gif 

Buster Throw (Backward) - close Bk.gif / Fd.gif + D.gif

Command Normals

Back Knuckle - Fd.gif + A.gif

Rising Upper - Df.gif + C.gif

Special Moves

Power Wave - Qcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif (*)

Burning Knuckle - Qcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif (*)

Crack Shoot - Qcb.gif + B.gif / D.gif (*)

Rising Tackle - charge briefly Dn.gif then Up.gif + A.gif / C.gif (*)

Power Charge - Hcf.gif + B.gif / D.gif (*)

Super Special Moves

Power Geyser - Qcb.gif Hcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif (!)

Buster Wolf - Qcf.gif Qcf.gif + B.gif / D.gif (!)

Climax Super Special Moves

Star Dunk Volcano - Hcb.gif Hcb.gif + B.gif D.gif

Quick Combo Reference

Quick Combo Reference

Notation Key (place notation here)

0 Meter

Low, Anywhere
Low, Anywhere

st.C(both hits), df+C, qcb+A = 191 dmg
cr.B, cr.A, df+C, qcb+B = 173 dmg
cr.B, cr.A, d~charge~u+C = 158 dmg

1 Meter

Low, Anywhere

(Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 2) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 3) = (damage number here) dmg

2 Meters Anywhere (Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg

Gameplay Overview

Terry Bogard is an extremely well-known protagonist from the Fatal Fury series, predating the King of Fighters series. After so many appearances and iterations, Terry returns once again in KOFXIV to duke it with the cast, both new and old. For the most part, Terry's game play consists of many fundamental elements, possessing good nirmal moves and a relative simple move set. His special moves are more or less the same as they were in XIII. He retains his Power Wave projectile but tthus time it works like it did in his initial appearances in KOF with its speed influenced by the strength of the punch button. He also has his Burn Knuckle and many if his other signature moves. Much like every other returning character, Terry takes very good advantage of the updated XIV system mechanics. Terry is a character that can hit pretty hard and excel pretty from a fighting game fundamental stand point as most of his normals are realible along with his relatively versatile move set. A player cannot go wrong with Terry if they pick him up.




st. A: Jabs forward with outer arm. High hit-detection. Only cancels into DM. Does not chain.

st. B: Terry delivers a short side kick at a lower angle. This move has mid hit-detection. Does cancel into anything accept for DM. Does not chain.

st. C: Terry does a painful-looking straight punch. Does not cancel into anything other than DM.

st. D: Terry performs a high angle side kick. High-hit detection. Does not cancel. Only cancels to DM


cl. A: Elbows the opponents face. Does not chain into other lights. Chains into command moves. Surprisingly it combos into f+A and df+CWill cancel into special moves.

cl. B: Low kick towards the opponents leg. Does not chain to other lights. Chains and combos into command moves. Cancels into special moves.

cl. C: Two-hit punch to the opponents midsection. Both hits will chain to command moves and cancel into special moves.

cl. D: Performs a knee strike. Forces stand on hit. Chains to command moves and cancels into special moves.


cr. A

cr. B

cr. C

cr. D


j. A


j. C

j. D


st. CD

j. CD


  • (Throw description)

  • (Throw description)

Command Moves

Special Moves

Notation Key (*) = EX OK

(!) = MAX OK

Super Special Moves

Climax Super Special Moves


0 meter

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

1 meter

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

2 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

3 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

4 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

5 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)



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