The King of Fighters '98 UMFE/Advanced Strategy

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Advanced Techniques

Reversal Superjump

In 98 UM FE, superjumps are airborne on frame 1: this makes them very useful as a defensive reversal or wake-up option, as you will be able to dodge many lows used as a meaty and if your opponent hits you with a mid or a jump-in, you will get hit in the air meaning you will bounce back or air-reset instead of being left standing in hitstun for a combo, plus since you're jumping you will avoid any command grabs that throw grounded characters as well. If you are reversal superjumping backwards, you will also be able to air block.

Reversal superjumps are useful for avoiding mix-up situations such as the classic jump-in V.S. empty hop low or command grab V.S. strike, and for creating space between you and your opponent. If you are on offense, the easiest and safest way to counter someone using reversal superjump often is to perform a meaty j.CD: if they jump it will hit them and knock them down again, and if they block you have enough frame advantage to re-hop or run up and apply more pressure.

You can buffer superjumps during the recovery of moves or while you are waking up by pressing down-back/down/down-forward right before you are able to move and then holding up-forward or up-back.

Alternate Guard

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Unblockable Fireball Trick

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Max Bypass

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