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== Command Moves ==
== Command Moves ==
Suiho Hyotanshu : f + A  
'''Staggering Sake Gourd Attack''' : f + A
== Special Moves ==
== Special Moves ==

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Normal Moves


Sake Slammer: b/f + C (close)

Reverse Leg Launcher: b/f + D (close)

Command Moves

Staggering Sake Gourd Attack : f + A

Special Moves

Hyōtangeki: qcb + A/C

Kisuishu: qcf + A/C

Ryurin Horai: dp + A/C

Kaiten-Teki Kūtotsuken: hcf + B/D

Suikan Kano: d, d + A/C, (cancel with A+B+C+D)

>Choshū Rikugyo: f + A/C

>Kaiten-Teki Kutotsuken: f + B/D

Bogetsusui: d, d + B/D, (move forward or backward), (cancel with A+B+C+D)

>Roja Hanho: u + B

>Rigyo Hanho: u + D

>Kaiten-Teki Kūtotsuken: f + B/D

Special Moves

Goen Shorai: qcf, hcb + A/C

Goran Enpo: qcf, qcf + A/C

Dai Go Inshu: hcb, hcb + A/C (close, and press A or C repeatedly)

Sencho Suiho: qcf, qcf + B/D