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Command List

Anvil Slam -(close) f/b + C

Swift Shoulder Throw -(close) f/b + D

Command Moves

Drop to Naraku - (air) d + C

Thundering Axe Burst - f + B

Style 818 - df + D

Special Moves

Wicked Chew - qcf + A

(during Wicked Chew) qcf + P

Oxidation - (during Masticate) A/C, (during Wicked Chew) hcb + A/C

Rapids of Rage - (during Masticate or Oxidation from Wicked Chew) B/D

Instantaneous Smash - (after Oxidation from Wicked Chew sequence = qcf + A, hcb + A/C ) A/C

Poison Gnawfest - qcf + C

Recitation of Sins - (during Poison Gnawfest) hcb + A/C

Verdict - (during Recitation of Sins) F + A/C

Fire Ball - dp + P

  • The hitbox hits high in front of Kyo.

R.E.D. KicK - rdp + K

New Wave Smash - qcf + K, K

Phantom Mauler - qcb + P

Crescent Slash - hcb + K

Desperation Moves

Final Showdown - qcf qcf + A/C

Serpent Wave (Orochinagi) - qcb hcf + A/C (push down to hold)


0 Meter combos

1.) (j.A/B/C/D), cl. C/D, qcf + C, hcb + C, f + C

  • this is an very important and well damaging combo that ends in a rollable knockdown. Be sure to practice this one and nail it 100% of the time it hits. Do not use this combo as a blockstring because the tail end of it is very punishable. If you opponent blocks the cl. C or D after you jump in, just either block and wait for them to respond with something, or continue pressure with a f + B, qcf + A, or a hyper hop B or CD. If you go far as to do the qcf + C when they are blocking, you can frame trap with if they press any buttons with a qcb + A/C counter move, or even an Oni Yaki dp + A/C if you are feeling risky. You can start this combo with a cross up Naraku Otoshi (d + C).

2.) (j.A/B/C/D), cl. C/D, rdp + B

  • ends in a unrollable knockdown. You may be punished if the rdp + B is blocked. After you knock them down, you can give them a 50/50 okizeme mixup by hitting them with a meaty j.B/C or j. d + C when they rise.

3.) (j.A/B/C/D), cl. C/D, hcb + B/D

  • the hcb + B/D ends the opponent up in a unrollable knockdown for you can walk up slightly and cross them up with a j.B/C or j. D + C

4.) in the corner only, cl. C/D, qcf + D, D, (hcb + B/rdp + B/qcf + A, hcb + A, f + A/sj.B)

  • After the qcf + D, D for more damage you can do the 'qcf + A, hcb + A, f + A' rekkas, or slightly lesser damage, but to end them in a unrollable knockdown you can end with the 'qcb + B' or 'rdp + B', and for an air reset, you can just do sj. B.

5.) cr. B, cl. C, etc.

  • useful 1-2 frame link that can give you some good damage from starting from a low attack. Cl.C can be brought into his (qcf + C, hcb + C, f + C), or (rpd + B) or his (hcb + B/D)

Desperation Move Combos

1.) cr. B, cr. A XX qcf, qcf + A/C

  • A very important combo which nets you great damage confirming from a low. Every Kyo player needs to learn this. You can add two cr.B's before the cr.A, or a cl.C to cr.B to cr.A or st. A for a 3 hit starter.

Extra Meter

1.) qcf. C, ABC, cr. A, qcf, qcf + A/C

2.) close qcf. C, ABC, cl. C, qcf. C, hcb. A/C, f+ A/C

3.) low health, cross up, qcf. C, ABC, qcb, hcf + P


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