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== Videos ==
== Videos ==
QQ拳皇98UMFE - 2015兩岸大師賽 - 中國UP V.S 台灣ET (Vs. Benimaru/Yuri)
== External Links ==
== External Links ==

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Scorpion Deathlock - b/f+C

  • Opponent can get out of the throw before full damage is dealt, so you'll have to mash buttons to get standard damage.

Scorpion Blow - b/f+D

  • Switches sides.

Command Normals

Double Tomahawk - f+B

  • Can be comboed into from lights. Cancelable on first hit only. Second hit is an overhead.

Special Moves

Reppuken - qcf+A/C

  • Rugal's go-to projectile. Disadvantage from point blank, but as soon as it travels a little before hitting the opponent (s.C, qcf+A or c.B, c.A, f+B, qcf+A etc. etc.) you will be at good advantage.

Kaiser Wave - f, hcf+A/C (hold)

  • Can charge the move by holding down the punch button. Cannot be used in a combo. A version comes out faster, while C version travels faster. Can cancel out other normal projectiles and DM projectiles. When against Krauser's or Rugal's Kaiser Wave, charge level dictates which one gets canceled out. In the event of a tie, both projectiles lose.

God Press - hcb+A/C

  • Can combo from lights. Cannot be reversed. Puts opponent in corner. Absolutely horrible on block, only confirm into this. Cannot be recovery rolled.

Dark Barrier - qcf+B/D

  • Reflects enemy projectiles. Also does its own damage if used close enough to the opponent and has knockdown. Can be used as an anti air, but probably shouldn't. Decent disadvantage on block and despite it's appearance, setting it meaty does not improve the frame advantage.

Genocide Cutter - dp+B/C

  • B version is faster and shorter, D version is stronger and goes higher. The B version hitbox is acutally nothing like the move looks like. This will not work as AA at all as both hits are very close to the ground. Only has use as a psychic DP against low/med pokes. D version is an AA. Has startup invincibility and can be used as a reversal.


Gigantic Pressure - qcf, hcb+A/C

  • God Press on sterioids. Combos off of lights. Cannot be reversed. Takes opponent to corner. Like God Press, awful on block. Only confirm into this.

Dead End Screamer - qcf(x2)+B/D

  • Unblockable. B/D control trajectory of Rugal's jump. Ideal for surprising the opponent by jumping over their fireballs, although this becomes predictable. Won't connect during blockstun, but will combo during hitstun. Can also cause fireballs to become unblockable but the timing is so specific that it's not really practical (you can try it out with fullscreen qcf+A, qcfx2+D).



  • c.B, c.B, st.B, f+B, hcb+A/C - Double Tomahawk must be canceled on first hit.
  • f+B [1 hit], hcb+P or qcf,hcb+P (S)DM (punish from a long range, can be used in situations where other chars couldn't do anything meaningful)
  • far s.C, qcf,hcb+P (S)DM (connects even from the very tip of far s.C)
  • j.B/j.D, s.C [2 hit], f+B [1 hit], qcf,hcb+P (S)DM (made easier by the shortcut hold C, qcf+B, hcb+P as holding the C will prevent qcf+B coming out)
  • c.B, c.A, (c.A), f+B [1 hit], qcf,hcb+P (S)DM (I find this easier to do as again you can hold A while you buffer the DM motion into the f+B to prevent qcf+B coming out. This also prevents the situation where far s.B will reach but f+B will whiff leaving you to get punished)


  • cl.C (2 hits), qcf hcb+A/C
  • c.B, st.A, qcf hcb+A/C
  • c.B, c.B, st.B, f+B, qcf hcb+A/C - Double Tomahawk must be canceled on first hit.

Quick Max

  • c.B, QM, s.C [2 hit], f+B [1 hit], hcb+P or qcf,hcb+P (S)DM

Quick Dodge

  • j.B/j.D, s.C [2 hit], f+B [1 hit], QD, qcf,hcb+P (S)DM
  • f+B [2nd hit], QD, qcf,hcb+P (S)DM (this only works from close range so it needs to be on a wakeup or reset situation where you can whiff the first hit and connect with the second at close range)


  • qcf+K counterhit, dp+D or qcf,hcb+P (S)DM (near corner only)


  • Far B and far C are cancelable.
  • Cl.C is cancelable.
  • Cl.D is cancelable.
  • Cl.B and c.B are neutral on block, close s.A/c.A slight disadvantage, far s.A/far s.B fairly bad disadvantage as are the majority of his heavy attacks (except far s.D against a crouching opponent which is neutral).
  • First hit of s.D and f+B don't push back on block.
  • Far s.B hits low.
  • F+B has a gap between the two hits on block, allowing opponents to roll out or punish if they have the appropriate move
  • J.B and j.D are both good crossups. vertical j.C is good for AA, vertical j.B can be used as an instant overhead.

Buffs from OG:

  • Better recovery on qcf+A, faster far s.C and now cancellable, far s.B now cancellable, very fast startup on f,hcf+A, faster
  • movement on qcfx2+K, GCCD changed from s.CD to s.C animation (better horizontal range).

Strategy & Tips


QQ拳皇98UMFE - 2015兩岸大師賽 - 中國UP V.S 台灣ET (Vs. Benimaru/Yuri) http://youtu.be/Z7fuvvHpOhE?t=1m48s

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