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Normal Moves

Format for Normals section. Be sure to add bullet points for multiple moves having a property (e.g. j. B/D cross-up; st/cr. A/B/C/D are whiff/cancelable). REMOVE AFTER WRITING IN


  • cl. A: a standard jab. The hitbox doesn't hit very high up so not great at dealing with hops. Good to throw out as a checking move in the close range. Chainable. Cancelable.
  • cl. B: a short range knee strike. A very unremarkable move that is generally outshined by his other close options. Chainable. Cancelable.
  • cl. C: a close punch. has a lot of startup for a close normal and is heavily outshined by cl.D, so use that button instead. Cancelable.
  • cl. D: a longer range knee strike. Kensous fastest heavy normal making it good for combos. Also a good meaty since it has a lot of active frames and is cancelable so you can combo from it or make it safe if they block it.


  • st. A: Same as cl.A
  • st. B: a upwards angled high kick. A fast button to stop hops with and catch the opponents forward movement, making it one of his main pokes. Whiffs on tiny crouchers. Not chainable. Not Chainable.
  • st. C: a two hit hammerfist. Slow to start up and leaves Kensou pretty open. The second hit is cancelable on contact and whiff so you can cancel it into fireball to make it a bit safer. it's best to avoid intentionally using this move. Cancelable.
  • st. D: a upwards high kick. It's quite slow on startup and recovery but the hitbox is nice for anti airs, so it can make a good poke on reads. Not cancelable.


  • cr. A: a crouching jab. One of Kensous best close options for blockstrings and light chains since it has nice range and is + on block making it good for pressure. Chainable. Cancelable.
  • cr. B: a crouching low kick. Kensous only option for low starter combos making it a key tool, though it is fairly slow on startup. It is + on block so good to use in blockstrings. Chainable. Not cancelable.
  • cr. C: a crouching forwards strike. This move is decent but has fairly slow startup so Kensou has better tools for poking in cr.D + st.B and for combos in cl.D. Cancelable.
  • cr. D: a low to the ground sweep. This is an amazing sweep. it low profiles moves very easily. It can be used to catch roll recovery or badly spaced jumpins from people trying to avoid his fireball. It's cancelable on contact and on whiff so you can cancel it into fireballs for pressure and into rdp+K for anti airs.


  • j. A: a downwards angled punch. can be used as an okay air to air or air to ground. Not terrible but not Kensous best option for either. Cancelable.
  • j. B: a forwards reaching kick. Good range for air to airs, the hitbox is very flat and long so it can work as a good crossup as well. Cancelable.
  • neutral j.B: a upwards reaching high kick. A decent air to air option if you happen to be neutral jumping. Not good for much else. Not cancelable.
  • j. C: a elbow strike. A decent jumpin that can crossup, though it is hard. His most damaging jumping button but otherwise not his best option. Not cancelable.
  • j. D: a slightly downwards angled kick. Kensous best jumpin and crossup tool. Not cancelable.


  • st. CD: a horse stance palm strike. has fairly slow startup but has a decent hitbox once out. The startup looks very similar to his fireball startup so you can whiff cancel it into fireballs to change the timing of the fireball to throw people off.
  • j. CD: a . Great air to air as it comes out fast and has a nice hitbox. Can crossup but the window is fairly small. good to use from hop pressure as well.


Power Blast: b/f + C (close)

  • Regular throw, techable. Kensou sends the opponent flying away with a blast of energy making them land 1/2 screen away.

Psychic Slam: b/f + D (close)

  • Regular throw, techable. Kensou flips the opponent behind them with a kick making them land fullscreen away.

Command Moves

Reverse Mass Kick: f + B

  • Kensou does a hopping high kick.
  • invulnerable to low attacks
  • good to cancel into sometimes to move forward while having an active hitbox out.
  • Whiffs on low crouchers.
  • Cancelable.

Tiger Takedown Punch: f + A

  • a downwards chopping double palm strike
  • an overhead strike when done raw, and a cancelable mid when cancelled into
  • good to use in blockstrings as it pushes Kensou out and can be cancelled into fireball for pressure.
  • can be used in combos in specific conditions.

Special Moves

Super Bullet Attack: qcb + A/C

Dragon Drubbing: dp + A/C (close)

Dragon Talon Tear: qcb + A/C (in the air)

Earth Dragon Fang Nibble: hcf + A

Heaven Dragon Fang Nibble: hcf + C

Dragon Uppercut: rdp + B/D

Desperation Moves

Eat Meat Dumplings: qcb, qcb + A/C

Hermit Power Blast: qcf, qcf + A/C (close)

Dragon God Kick: qcf, hcb + B

Dragon God Drubbing: qcf, hcb + D


Strategy & Tips


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