The King of Fighters '98 UMFE/Sie Kensou

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Normal Moves


Power Blast: b/f + C (close)

Psychic Slam: b/f + D (close)

Command Moves

Reverse Mass Kick: f + B

  • invulnerable to low attacks

Tiger Takedown Punch: f + A

  • an overhead strike

Special Moves

Super Bullet Attack: qcb + A/C

Dragon Drubbing: dp + A/C (close)

Dragon Talon Tear: qcb + A/C (in the air)

Earth Dragon Fang Nibble: hcf + A

Heaven Dragon Fang Nibble: hcf + C

Dragon Uppercut: rdp + B/D

Desperation Moves

Eat Meat Dumplings: qcb, qcb + A/C

Hermit Power Blast: qcf, qcf + A/C (close)

Dragon God Kick: qcf, hcb + B

Dragon God Drubbing: qcf, hcb + D