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Krauser is a character with an unusual moveset combination. He's a big body with big normals to poke with in neutral. He also has access to two different fireball heights to use to control space in neutral and fight in fireball wars. He also has access to some big preemptive anti air normals and specials that allows him to control the air space very well. He has access to an overhead that doubles as an anti air that he can use up close for pressure and mixups. up Close he also has a special move that he can cancel into other specials to make it safer. His supers are also good as they give him an easy way to win fireball wars, a reversal and a 1 frame command grab. Krauser's weaknesses are that his big size leaves him more vulnerable to mixups and pressure, and that he needs meter for a proper reversal.

Changes from previous versions

98UM to 98UMFE


  • cl.C less damage
  • st.C less damage
  • st.D less damage
  • st.CD less damage, smaller hitbox


  • rdp+K less damage, D version no longer has invincibility, more recovery
  • qcf+K less damage
  • qcf+P/K less damage, heavy version has faster startup but more recovery
  • f,hcf+P less damage


  • qcf,hcb+P more recovery on whiff, characteristics don't change if both buttons are pressed

Normal Moves


  • cl. A: Good for stopping hops when you're too close for st.A/B. Good light combo filler. Cancelable. Chainable.
  • cl. B: Hits low. Cancelable.
  • cl. C: Hits higher up than cl.D but is otherwise outclassed by cl.D. Good anti-air. Whiffs on short crouchers. Cancelable.
  • cl. D: His best heavy button for combos. has a nice amount of active frames so can be a good meaty. Cancelable.


  • st. A: Good anti-hop button. whiffs on short crouchers. Cancelable.
  • st. B: Good anti-hop button and fast mid range poke. whiffs on short crouchers.
  • st. C: Pretty nice higher-hitting poke as it's safe on block. Good anti-air because of how high it hits and fast startup. Whiffs on short crouchers.
  • st. D: His best long range poke as it will hit the shorter crouchers. Has good priority.


  • cr. A: Good for blockstrings and light combos. Cancelable. Chainable.
  • cr. B: A standard cr.B. Good for blockstrings and low combos. Chainable.
  • cr. C: A nice mid range poke with a good hitbox. Cancelable.
  • cr. D: A sweep with decent range and a lot of active frames. Cancelable.


  • j. A: Good jumpin normal. Also his fastest jumping normal by far so it's the best air to air normal when you need the speed.
  • j. B: Good jumpin normal with more downwards priority than j.A.
  • j. C: Great crossup normal.
  • j. D: His highest damaging normal jumpin.


  • st. CD: Has faster-than-average st.CD startup and has a great high hitting hitbox for anti-airing. Also has good amount of active frames. Cancelable on contact or whiff.
  • j. CD: fairly fast startup for a j.CD and a decent hitbox for air-to-airing. Also good for blockstun pressure.


Cliff-Hanger Drop: (close) b/f + C

  • regular throw, techable. Krauser picks up the opponent and knees their back sending them about full screen screen away. Causes soft knockdown.

Kaiser Driver '91: (close) b/f + D

  • regular throw, techable. krauser picks up the opponent, turns around and then knees their back sending them about half screen away. Causes hard knockdown.

Special Moves

Lift Up Blow: (close) hcb, f + B/D

  • Krauser throws the opponent up into the air and then punches them.
  • good for close range punishes, mixups and for comboing into.
  • causes hard knockdown.

Kaiser Suplex: (close) hcb, f + A/C

  • a invul command grab.
  • good for mixups and for beating out people trying to mash out at close range.
  • you can turn his fireballs into unblockables by whiffing this move while they are on screen due to the unblockable projectile bug.

Phoenix Throw: qcf + A/C

Blitz Ball-Upper: qcb + A/C

  • Krauser throws a high flying projectile.
  • can't be hopped over unlike the low flying fireball but can still be jumped over.
  • good for mixing up with the low flying one to keep the opponent guessing which one will be thrown.
  • will whiff on short crouchers.

Blitz Ball-Lower: qcb + B/D

  • Krauser throws a fireball that flies low to the ground.
  • not as good for zoning as the high flying one as opponents can simply hop over it.
  • good against the characters that can crouch under the high one.
  • good for unblockable setups after some of his moves.
  • can't be low profiled.
  • will hit all crouchers.

Leg Tomahawk: qcf + B/D

  • Krauser does a jumping kick that arches downwards and knocks down on hit.
  • B version goes a shorter distance than the D version.
  • hits overhead making it pretty good for mixups.
  • can be used as a good preemptive anti air as it hits both above and in front of krauser in the air.
  • it has a lot of priority.
  • good move to use during blockstrings to see if the opponent is ready to block it standing.
  • will whiff on most crouchers up close, midscreen the move might even go over the opponent making Krauser land on the other side.
  • B version is only -3 on block and D version is -4 making it very safe to use.
  • will not combo from anything.

Kaiser Kick: dp + B/D

  • Krauser does a long reaching dropkick.
  • B version goes about midscreen and D version goes full screen.
  • can be used as an anti air against full jumps.
  • both versions very punishable on block.
  • B version can't be comboed into. D version will combo from heavies but will whiff against short crouchers.

Kaiser Duel Sobat: rdp + B/D

  • Krauser does two kicks in a row.
  • B version has krauser doing them where he stands while the D version has him hop forwards and doing the kicks.
  • B version will combo from lights and the D version will combo from heavies.
  • The move can be cancelled into his fireballs or his qcf+K overhead kick if it makes contact with the opponent.
  • This makes the move good for both pressure and combos.

Desperation Moves

Kaiser Wave: f, hcf + A/C (press to hold)

  • Krauser unleashes a giant projectile.
  • Can be charged to increase the power of the wave.
  • Will destroy regular fireballs.
  • A version moves pretty slow while the C version moves really fast.
  • The C version is a good move to win fireball wars or to punish things at long range.
  • The MAX version goes the same speed as the C version but will still only trade with super projectiles, not destroy them.

Gigantic Cyclone: (close) hcb x 3 + A/C

  • Krauser grabs the opponent and spins fast creating a cyclone while hitting them.
  • A 1 frame command grab super.
  • Can combo into from lights or heavies but the hcbx3 input makes it hard to do.
  • Good for mixups or close range punishes.
  • MAX version does more damage.

Unlimited Desire: qcf, hcb + A/C

  • A ranbu type super with invulnerability on startup and some of the active frames.
  • Good for reversals and anti airs.
  • Punishable on block.
  • MAX version has more invulnerability and deals more damage.




cr.Bx1~2, cr.A, dp+D:


cr.C, rdp+D:
(j.X), cl.D, rdp+D, qcf+K/qcb+P/qcb+K:
(j.X), cl.D, dp+D:
  • Note that cl.D, dp+D only combos on standing opponents.


qcf+K, cl.D:

With Meter

  • In any 1 stock combo, you can replace qcf,hcb+P with qcf,hcb+AC or f,hcf+P with f,hcf+AC for more damage if you have 3 stocks in Advanced Mode or are at low health and in max mode in Extra Mode


(j.X), cl.D/cr.C, qcf,hcb+P:


(j.X), cl.D/cr.C, qcf,hcb+P, cl.D:

With Quick Max


cr.B, cr.A, ABC, cr.C, f,hcf+P:


qcf+K, ABC, st.C:
qcf+K, ABC, f,hcf+P:
cl.D, ABC, cr.C, f,hcf+C:

Strategy & Tips


King of Fighters 98 UM FE: Krauser Guide by Mash It Out

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