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  • cl.A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • cl.A is a straight chop that can chain into itself, cr. A, cl.B & cr. B
  • cl. B is a kick that is aimed around the opponent's pelvis area and can chain into cr. B.
  • cl. C is a two hit vertical chop where the 2nd hit can be cancelled easily into his F+B command normal attack. Its also useful to hit opponents trying to jump over Heidern.
  • cl. D is single hit knee attack that can cancel into his F+B command normal


  • Far A is cancel-able & is good for stopping incoming hops. It whiffs on crouching opponents.
  • Far B is a great round kick aimed at the opponent's mid-section. Useful to use as a poke at mid-range.
  • Far C has great reach to be used preemptively stop incoming hops or as a far poke
  • Far D is a far ranged but slow, spinning side kick that is aimed at the opponent's head. It isn't whiff cancel-able, so be careful using it in neutral


  • cr.A/C/D are cancel-able
  • cr.A is a very fast chop that has good horizontal range and can combo into his charge d~u+P special move. It can chain into itself, stand A & cr. B.
  • Crouch B hits low, but is not cancel-able. It has great horizontal range & comes out at a decent speed to be used a low poke but it isn't a combo tool.
  • Crouch C is a fast swinging horizontal chop that is whiff cancel-able, but has less horizontal range than cr. A.
  • Crouch D is a sweep that has enormous range & is whiff cancel-able too.


  • Neutral j.A is a elbow that hits below his arm
  • j.A is a downward angled chop that is active for a good amount of time
  • Neutral j.B is a quick kick that swings up in front of Heidern
  • j.B is a aerial side kick that has good horizontal range similar to his far B
  • j.C is a two handed chop that can easily cross-up standing & crouching opponents, is good to use as a combo starter into cl.C or cl.D & can be used as an instant overhead on some characters if timed properly
  • Neutral j.D is a kick that swings down in front of Heidern. Can be used to hit opponents in advance in front of Heidern that has finished rolling near him
  • j.D is a diagonally aimed kick that is great to start combos & can cross-up as well

Blowback Attack

  • Stand CD is a very slow finger point that is aimed diagonally above and in front of Heidern's head
  • Jump CD is a double swinging chop (that resembles a crescent moon) that hits in-front of Heidern


Lead Belcher - (b/f + C) close

  • Heidern grabs the opponent, slams them to the ground, then chops them. The opponent lands & wakes up near Heidern at a horizontal space where the tip of where his far B (LK) hits.
  • Hard knockdown

Backstabbing - (b/f + D) close

  • Heidern quickly crawls behind the opponent to stab them in the back. The opponent lands 3/4ths screen distance away.
  • Soft knockdown

Critical Drive - (b/d/f + C) close in air

  • Heidern grabs the opponent by stabbing them with his hand, then body slams them into the ground on the opposite side. The distance the opponent lands and wakes up at is around the same distance as his Backstabbing normal throw, 3/4ths screen distance away.
  • Hard knockdown

Command Moves

Shooter Narnangel - b/f + B

Special Moves

Cross Cutter - (Charge b~f + A/C)

  • Heidern crosses his hands sending out two crescents of energy
  • hits mid allowing it to be block crouching or standing
  • both versions cause soft knockdown on hit
  • the projectile will completely whiff on crouching smaller characters like Bao, Chin, and Choi
  • A version is slower to start and moves across the screen at a slower pace
  • during A version Heidern recovers fast enough at 3/4 screen to begin following the projectile toward the opponent
  • A version becomes safe on block about 1.5 characters away, but is negative on block point blank
  • C version travels faster across the screen
  • C version only becomes safe on block at 1/2 screen
  • great move for Heidern to control space with and plan his attack. The hurtbox of the move is certainly not as big as the projectile looks as it can be jumped over and even hopped if timed right.

Moon Slasher - (Charge d~u + A/C)

  • General Heidern cuts his hand through the air creating a cresent of energy around himself
  • hits mid allowing it to be blocked high or low
  • both versions cause soft knockdown
  • does not have any start-up invincibility
  • C version outputs more damage and starts-up faster, while the A version does less damage but has a bit less recovery

Neck Rolling - (Charge d~u + B/D)

Storm Bringer - (hcb + A/C close)

Killing Bringer - (hcb + B/D)

Desperation Moves

Final Bringer - qcf x 2 + A/C

Heidern End - qcb hcf + B/D

Super Desperation Moves

Final Bringer - qcf x 2 + AC

Heidern End - qcb hcf + BD

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Caliburn - qcf x 2 + BD


  • cl.B/cr.A, hcb+P/qcfx2+AC (corner)
  • cr.A×1~2, d~u+C
  • cl.C (2), b/f+B (1), qcb hcf+BD/qcfx2+P (corner)
  • cl.C (2), b/f+B (1), d~u+P (doesn't work on everyone)
  • j.C (cross-up), st.C (2), b/f+B, d~u+C, (SC) qcb hcf+K/BD
  • cr.C, d~u+C, (SC) qcb hcf+BD/qcfx2+AC (corner)
  • (corner) cl.C (1),(BC) cl.C (2), b/f+B (1), [d~u+A, (DC) b~f+C]×2, combo ender


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