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  • cl.A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • cl.A/B are chain-able .
  • cl.B hits low, the only guaranteed attack afterward is another standing low or a weak dp.
  • cl.C despite it's short range is a great combo starter and comes out very quickly (3 frames).
  • cl.D can still be used to start combos but it's a bit slower than his close C, can be spaced.


  • Far A is whiff/cancel-able
  • Far B can be used as a quick poking tool but can still be punished if anticipated
  • Far C has okay reach but can still be punished by a crouching normal or a special attack
  • Far D has good reach, Kyo is also airborne when he uses this normal so can make him evade crouching attacks or ground projectiles


  • cr.A/C/D are whiff/cancel-able
  • Crouch A/B are chain-able
  • Crouch B hits low, comes out at the same speed at his crouch A
  • Crouch C can be used as an anti-air because of it's vertical hitbox, to whiff cancel it you have to cancel it right before he stretches his arm up into the air, very early
  • Crouch D knocks the opponent down, to whiff it has to be done right before he sticks his leg out


  • Jump B/C/D all cross up
  • Jump B can be used as a quick jump-in attack
  • Jump C is an instant overhead
  • Jump D has a long start-up but it's a really good jump-in meaty attack and air-to-air, for the best results use it during a hyper hop

Blowback Attack

  • CD come out really slow, can be whiff canceled to trick your opponent, gives Kyo some nice frame advantage on block
  • Jump CD is his best air-to-air, short range but very strong


Hachi Tetsu - (b/f+C) close

  • Grabs the opponent and performs a shoulder attack
  • Can be broken
  • Regular knockdown

Issetsu Seoi - (b/f+D) close

  • Kyo slams the opponent onto the ground then does an elbow drop.
  • Can be broken
  • Reverse knockdown

Advice: Reverse Knockdown gives Kyo a ton of options, mainly run-up j.d+C to cross-up BnB to combo ender, practice timing it so that you'll catch them as soon as they get up backward.

Command Moves

Ge Shiki Goufu You - (f+B)

  • Kyo lifts his leg then does a quick heel drop, very simple command but doesn't have too many uses. On paper it sounds great but this command normal is really lacking compared to his other. On it's own it does one hit and oh my lord is it slow (not slower than Iori's f+B though) 20 frames. Of course when you cancel it from a normal (which makes the animation look like his 98 Goufu You instead for some reason) it cuts the frames down to 12 making it easy to combo with along of the hit-stun stacked on top of it. Much like the other Kyo's this move does 2 hits but that's where the limitations come in, the two hits only work when the opponent is at least as close as Kyo's knee when the command comes out. To get the two hits out you can use it after a close low normal but it will most likely be blocked, it will also work after a really close cross-up (e.g. j/hh.d+C) to a cl. strong X then the f+B follow-up. Since this command is limited (like I said before) the best special attack links are either of his punch rekkas starters.
  • Overhead Attack

Max Mode Advice:This version of Goufu is whack but it can still be used as a Max mode starter. You can use it on it's own (f+B [BC] run cl.C~) or as a Max Bypass link (cl.C, f+B, qcf+BC~).

Ge Shiki Naraku Otoshi - j/sj/hh.d+C

  • Kyo does quick haymaker in the air, it's fast and beats the hell out of just about anything that dares to challenge it. This move is very important to Kyo as it really pulls his air game and combo opportunities together. It's a great meaty attack and can be used to start combos from cross-ups to just plain jump-ins, it can also be used to punish really fast ground attacks like Angel's hcb+K during his back dash (bb.d+C). Can be used as a meaty jump-in too but it's not advised to be spammed because despite it's priority it can still trade and even be beaten by a few characters CD's and dp's.
  • Hard Knockdown on air opponents

Cross-up Advice: Aim it so that his legs hits the opponent in the head then he will cross them up.

88 Shiki - (df+D)

  • Kyo swings both his legs on the ground to trip his opponent, nothing too special but it compliments his moveset really well. No it still isn't cancel-able, but it works well after his close C or either of his crouch low to give him that extra boost for his high/low mix-up game. It's also really fast but really mediocre on block, a lot of people are likely to GCA you out of the way or throw out a DM but if that ever happens you do have the option to Max Cancel the second hit (df+D [2] BC) to quickly revert Kyo back to normal over-looking the recovery completely.
  • Hits low
  • Max Mode Advice:Yup this version of 88 Shiki is just as whack as his Goufu You compared to Kusanagi's but yeah it still can be used as a Max mode starter. (cl.C, df+D, qcf+BC) is the most trusted and easiest way to Bypass your way right into a nice Max Mode combo.

Special Moves

100 Shiki Oniyaki - (dp+A/C)

  • Kyo does a quick rising flaming uppercut, a standard dp with the usual options. Weak version goes slightly into the air while the strong version goes much higher and does two hits. It has some invincibility (about 9 frames) but can be easily punished if done on block or whiffed altogether. The combo options are there but don't expect anything that will wow you unless you enter Max Mode. Has a variety of super cancel points but most of it involves him using his 75 Shiki Kai launcher first.
  • Anti-Air
  • Super Cancel-able on hit

SC Advice: 182 Shiki is almost always guaranteed as a follow-up, a great juggle SC ender.

427 Shiki Hikigane - (hcb+B/D)

  • The weak version makes Kyo do a spin jump to a punch that launches them into the air, while the strong variant makes him do a quick punch in place. Despite the look of the flames at the end of his elbows they are just for show and do not extend the active hit-box any further, that and neither version of the move are guaranteed when dealing with grounded opponents because the start-ups are too long. However both versions of this move work extremely well after his strong Kai launcher and will juggle the opponent on contact.
  • Super Cancel-able on Hit

SC Advice: The SC points are on hit for both, but to get the most out of it try a launcher (qcf+D~D) then Hikigane (hcb+B, or hcb+D in corner) then you can freely SC into any of his DM's, 182 Shiki DM requires you to hold it for a little bit otherwise you'll whiff.

RED Kick - (rdp+B/D)

  • Kyo jumps and swings his leg down to kick the opponent on the head, good move for the right situations. Weak version has a smaller jump arch than the strong version. Neither of them are all that combo friendly although they do have a few set-ups. It's a good move for Kyo but it's still prone to trade with dp's, jump CD's, and air normals that exceed the height of Kyo's hit-box.. You can play around with the weak version at it's not as restricted as the strong one, use in moderation with back-dashing and such to throw your opponent off. The strong version also whiffs on opponents that are crouching and guarding in the corner.
  • Hard Knockdown

Combo Advice: Works well after simple BnB's (e.g. cl.C, qcf+D~D, rdp+B) at any range.

75 Shiki Kai - (qcf+B~B/D~D)

  • Kyo does a jumping kick, if you press another button after the first hit he will do another kick to launch them into the air. Easily one of Kyo's best moves as it opens up a lot of options for juggle combos, SC options etc. The weak variant launches them but not too high so you have to be quick with the combo ender. The strong variant launches them high that they can be hit with almost anything afterward. Use in moderation after a cl.strong X or even as aa anti-air.
  • Upper Body Invincibility

114 Shiki Aragami - qcf + A

> 128 Shiki Kono Kizu - after Aragami, qcf + P

> 127 Shiki Yano Sabi - after Aragami, hcb + P, Kono Kizu, P

> 125 Shiki Nana Se - Kono Kizu, K Aragami -> Yano Sabi, K

> 212 Shiki Kototsuki You - Aragami -> Yano Sabi, hcb + K

> Ge Shiki Migiri Ugachi - Aragami -> Yano Sabi, P

115 Shiki Doku Kami - qcf + C

> 401 Shiki Tumi Yomi - Domu Kami, hcb + P

> 402 Shiki Batu Yomi - Tumi Yomi, f + P

> 100 Shiki Oniyaki - Batu Yomi, dp + P

Desperation Moves

Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi - qcb, hcf + A/C

  • Hold A/C to charge

182 Shiki - qcf, qcf + A/C

  • Hold A/C to charge

Super Desperation Moves

Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi - qcb, hcf + AC


524 Shiki Kamichiri - hcb, hcb + AC



  • Close C, qcf + C, hcb + C, f + C, dp + C
  • Close C, qcf + D, D, hcb + B, qcf + A
  • Close C, qcf + D, D, hcb + B move towards a bit then, D
  • Close C, qcf + D, D, QCB HCF + A / C
  • Close C, qcf + D, D, hcb + B xx QCB HCF + A / C
  • d + B, A, dp + A
  • Close C, dp + C (1 hit) xx qcf x 2 + P

In the corner

  • Close C, qcf + D, D, hcb + B, qcf + A, hcb + P, hcb + B
  • Close C, qcf + D, D, hcb + B, dp + A / C
  • Close C, qcf + D, D, hcb + B, qcf + B, B, dp + C
  • Close C, QCB x 2 + AC, qcf + A, hcb + P, hcb + B (only the latest hits or OTG)

Max Mode

  • Close C (BC activate, run), close C, dp + C (1 hit), hcb + D, qcf + C, qcf + A, qcf + C, qcf x 2 + A
  • f + B (BC activate, run), close C, dp + C (1 hit), hcb + D, qcf + C, qcf + A, qcf + C, qcf x 2 + A
  • (Corner) Close C (BC activate, run), close C, dp + C (1 hit), hcb + D, qcf + C, qcf + A, qcf + C, qcf + D, D, hcb + B, qcf + A, hcb + A, hcb + B
  • Close C, df + D, qcf + BC, qcf + A, qcf + C, qcf + A, qcf + C, qcf x2 + A


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