The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Maxima

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  • cl. A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • Close A chains into other light normals.
  • Close C is the combo starter of choice because of it's hit-stun, links into all of his command normals.
  • Close D can also start combos but has a slower start-up than Close C.


  • Stand A whiffs on crouch opponents.
  • All of his Stand normals are not cancel-able
  • Stand B/C/D can used as pokes but you have to space them well.

  • cr.A/B/C are whiff/cancel-able.
  • Crouch A is chain-able.
  • Crouch B hits low.
  • Crouch C can be used to start combos from a crouch attack.
  • Crouch D is fast and sweeps the opponent onto the ground.


  • Jump-in B/C/D all cross up.
  • Jump-in C has a very large hitbox making it difficult to counter, meaty attack.
  • Neutral jump C does a lot of hit-stun and can start combos.
  • Jump A is an instant overhead (hh.A).

Blowback Attack

  • CD goes far and can attacks be used to close the gap for a whiff cancel special attack, cancel-able/whiff cancel-able are soon as his arms are near his waist.
  • JCD is powerful but has very short range, meaty attack if used correctly.


Dynamite Headbutt - close, b/f + C

Choking Vice - close, b/f + D

Command Moves

Mongolian - f + A

M9 Kata Maxima Missile (Shisaku) - df + D

Special Moves

Viper M4 Kata Cannon qcb + A/C

M11 Kata Dangerous Arch - close, hcf + B/D

M19 Kata Blitz Cannon - dp + B/D

System 1-2: Maxima Scramble - qcf + A/C

┗Double Bomber System 1-2 - qcf + A/C

>┗Bulldogs Press - qcf + A/C

System 3: Maxima Lift - hcb + P

┗Centoun Press: System 3 - back or forward + B/D

Desperation Moves

Maxima Revenger - hcb, hcb + B/D

Bunker Buster - qcf, hcb + A/C

M2 Kata Maxima Beam - f, hcf + A/C

Super Desperation Moves

Maxima Revenger - hcb, hcb + B + D

Hidden Super Desperation

End of World charge b ~ f, b, f + A + B + C + D




Maxima Damage Chart

Changes from OG2k2

Frame Specifics

Frame Advantage