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  • st. A is a cancel-able slap that covers a distance in front of her face. Good for stopping incoming hops. Whiffs on crouching opponents except for Goro, Maxima and Chang. Whiffs up-close on standing characters such as Chin, Hinako, & Choi. Can be chained into cr. A, st. B, and cr. B.
  • st. B is a 2-hit special and super cancel-able side kick. Both hits are cancel-able. Moves Shermie forward a bit.
  • st. C is a double palm attack that moves Shermie forward. Not cancel-able.
  • st. D is roundhouse kick can be used to pre-emptively stop incoming hops but it is not cancel-able. It can also whiff on many characters while crouching.


  • cl. C is special and super cancel-able, and can be cancel-ed into her command normals (f+A, f+B).


  • cr. A is a crouching slap that can be chained into st.A, st.B, cr. B and her command normals
  • cr. B: Shermie lays on the ground on her side to kick the opponent near their ankles. She can duck & evade many mid-air projectiles except very low fireball's such as Bao's light punch Psycho Ball (qcb+A) and ground skimming fireballs such as Iori's or Kusanagi's qcf+A. This kick also moves Shermie forward slightly
  • cr. C: This cancel-able uppercut looks like Shermie is doing a volleyball bump (or pass). She moves backward slightly. Can be used as a grounded anti-air, and has a decent amount of attack range in front of her.
  • cr. D is a sweep that is not cancel-able. Can evade mid-air projectiles but not as reliably as cr. B.


  • jumping B/C/D can all cross-up the opponent
  • j. C can be used as a jump-in attack to start combos
  • Neutral jump D is a horizontal drop kick that is good for stopping incoming jumps or super jumps
  • j. D has good horizontal range and can be used as a jump-in attack


  • Stand CD: Shermie aims a kick at the opponent's head. Moves Shermie forward a bit and is whiff cancel-able
  • j.CD can be use similar to her neutral jump D as an air-to-air. Can be low profiled by the opponent's crouching light kick or sweep if improperly timed.


Shermie Flash Original - (b/f + C)

  • Shermie grabs the opponent to German Suplex them. They land 1/2 screen distance away from Shermie. Shermie and the opponent wakes up and recovers at the same time as the opponent.
  • Hard knockdown
  • Can be broken

Front Flash - (b/f + D)

  • Shermie grabs the opponent by the waist to throw them across the screen. They land at the edge of the corner of the screen.
  • Soft knockdown
  • Can be broken

Command Moves

Busty Suplex - (f + A)

  • Shermie throws her bosom towards the opponent to set them up for a suplex throw. Shermie recovers and stands up at the same time the opponent stands up.
  • Has slow start-up, short activation range and is very unsafe if blocked

Shermie Stand - (f + B)

  • Shermie slowly flip kicks on the ground towards the opponent
  • Hits overhead
  • Can be cancelled into but loses the overhead property

Special Moves

Shermie Clutch - (dp + B/D)

  • Shermie twists her body through the air at the opponent, prepared to grab them.
  • if succesfull, in both versions Shermie grabs the opponent and spins them to the ground causing hard knockdown.
  • B version has a hop-like arc and quicker startup
  • B version if useful in catching opponent hops or the downward arc of longer empty jumps.
  • B version will whiff under the opponent on the highest parts of their normal and hyper jumps
  • D version has a normal jump like arc and slower startup
  • D version is good for meeting or anticipating opponent's aerial movement
  • D version will whiff on opponent hops except at their highest point.
  • both versions only work on aerial opponents
  • both versions are easily countered by fast air to air normals
  • can follow up with her Shermie Cute move

Shermie Spiral - (hcf + A/C)

  • Shermie grabs the opponent, twists her legs around their head and throws them to the ground.
  • causes a hard knockdown
  • counts as an unblockable command grab
  • grabs mid (so works on standing or crouching opponents)
  • on hit, throws the opponent 1/2 the screen away toward the way they were facing, leaving Shermie on the opposite side she started the move.
  • can combo into the command grab in a variety of ways (cl.A, cl.A, hcf+A/C or cl.C, hcf+A/C or cl.C, f+B, hcb + A/C etc..)
  • if you are not in range to land the command grab Shermie will throw out her arm causing a whiff animation moving Shermie slightly forward.
  • can follow up with her Shermie Cute follow up move

Shermie Whip - (qcb + A/C)

  • Shermie cartwheels, locking the opponent with her legs and sending them for a ride
  • causes hard knockdown
  • can be blocked unlike her other command grabs
  • grabs mid (so works on standing or crouching opponents)
  • can grab opponents out of the air at hop heights and the downward arc of normal jumps.
  • throws the opponent all the way to the other side of the screen
  • can follow up with her Shermie Cute move

Shermie Cute - (during special move body toss, qcf + B/D

  • Shermie runs to the place where she just threw her opponent and stomps them while down.
  • causes hard knockdown
  • this move allows Shermie to stay on top of the opponent after she flings them around the stage
  • the motion and button press has a large opportunity of input during the finishing move of each throw that it can follow, both early and late inputs register.
  • very little reason not to do this after the moves it can as it gives Shermie much better okizeme options and allow her to stay in command throw range.

Diamond Dust - (hcf + B/D)

  • Shermie runs to the opponent, grabs them around the neck and smashes them into the ground
  • causes soft knockdown
  • counts as an unblockable command grab
  • grabs mid so can grab standing and crouching opponents
  • both versions can be countered during the run animations by lows, mids and highs
  • B version covers slightly less distance across the screen
  • unlike her other command throws will totally whiff on aerial opponents at all heights
  • great as a punisher against whiffed moves

Axle Spin Kick - (qcb + B/D)

  • Shermie pirouettes through the air landing a boot to the opponent's face
  • causes soft knockdown
  • counts as an overhead and will land on opponents guarding low
  • B version goes a shorter distance and is slightly slower
  • B version is slightly negative on block, though it can be spaced to minimize that
  • D version travels about half screen and is faster than B version
  • D version is very negative on block
  • the move technically could be used air-to-air as its hitbox will strike aerial opponents, but not her best air option
  • good move to catch the opponent off guard while they are crouch blocking

F. Captured - (hcb, f + A/C)

  • Shermie bends slightly taunting her opponent to attack, then sending them behind her in a suplex
  • counter move that will grab standing and crouching mids
  • it is easily countered by lows, sweeps and jumping attacks
  • Shermie will throw the opponent about 3/4 of the screen behind her if she lands the counter
  • the counter has a fairly sizable amount of active frames in which the counter can grab an opponent

Evasive Move - (ABC)

> Evasive Attack - during Evasive move, A/B/C/D

Desperation Moves

Shermie Flash - hcb x 2 + A/C

Shermie Carnival - hcf x 2 + A/C

Super Desperation Moves

Shermie Flash - hcb x 2 + AC

Shermie Carnival - hcf x 2 + AC


Lightning Leg Lariat - qcf x 2 + BD

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