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Quick Starter Combo Reference

0 Bar


cr.B, cr.B/cl.B, df+C, qcb+A/(hcf+D, dp+D) = 28-30%
(jump-in), cl.C, f+A/df+C, qcb+A/(hcf+D, dp+D) = 26-31%

1 Bar


cr.B, cr.B/cl.B, df+C, qcb,db,f+P = 39%
(jump-in), cl.C, f+A/df+C, qcb,db,f+P = 37/39%

2 Bar


cr.B, cr.B/cl.B, df+C, hcf+D (SC) qcb,db,f+P = 43%
(jump-in), cl.C, f+A/df+C, hcf+D (SC) qcb,db,f+P = 42/44%

3 Bar


(jump-in), cl.C, f+A/df+C, qcb,db,f+AC = 48%
(jump-in), cl.C, f+A/df+C, qcfx2+AC = 56%

Gameplay Overview

Terry Bogard is a classic SNK hero whose popularity has spread way beyond his original series, Fatal Fury. He is a simple character akin to Street Fighter's shotos, with easy combos and a lot of safe-ish moves, and this made him a go-to pick for beginners in the game. Terry doesn't really have any crazy mixups or tricks to him, but he makes up for it with good meterless damage, nice blockstrings, and abusable moves like Burn Knuckle.

That said, Terry doesn't really have much beside that. His "shoto" tools aren't very strong, and although he has a lot of different specials, half of them are somewhat gimmicky. In this game, he also lacks a good DP and has to rely on a very unsafe charge reversal, which puts him a bit behind most other "simple" characters. Last but not least, his combos with meter aren't very good either.

Regardless, Terry is a good pick for those looking to learn KoF, and a decent "battery" character.



  • cl.A/B/C/D are cancel-able
  • cl.A hits crouching opponents and is chain-able into itself, cl.B, cr. B, cr. A, df+C
  • cl.C is the main combo starter. Fast, hits twice and cancelable on both hits.
  • cl.D is very similar to cl.C, except it hits once. Marginally slower, but works a little better as a meaty, and may help get more damage in some combos due to pushback. Can be interchanged with cl.C in most combos.


  • st. A & st C are special cancel-able
  • st. A is fast and works ok vs short hop, but the range could be longer. Can combo into st. B, and df+C. Whiffs on low crouchers.
  • st. B is a great long poke that comes out fast and hits very far. Very nice to stop and interrupt a grounded opponent. May do as anti-air vs hop in a pinch, but doesn't reach high enough for this purpose.
  • st.C is decent vs hop.
  • st. D moves Terry forward a bit, and pushes him back on block.


  • cr.A/B/C/D are all special cancel-able
  • cr.B/C/D are all whiff cancel-able
  • cr.B is the main low combo starter. Chains into itself, cr. A, st.A, and st.B. Usually for combos you want to cancel it into df+C, and then any special/DM.
  • cr.C is a forward punch, decent as a poke and can start combos too. Slower than cl.C/cl.D but has more range.
  • cr.D is a little slow, but long and cancelable. Very nice to cancel into qcb+B, qcb+A or qcf+A on block or on whiff.


  • j.A is ok for air to ground and air-to-air attacks
  • j.B is good to use for air-to-air and to stop incoming hops and jumps from a mid to long range distance, can be low profiled if performed too early in jump. Stays out for a long time. Great upwards angle that reaches slightly above Terry.
  • j.C is good for air to ground, faster than j.D.
  • j.D is good for air to ground and can cross up standing and crouching opponents easily. Long reach, but a little slow.
  • neutral j.D can be used for air-to-air but it has a more vertical hit box


  • CD: pretty fast startup, good ranged hit box, pushes terry back far on block, whiff cancel-able
  • j.CD: good air-to-air attack, and can be used to pressure the opponent in the corner, but can be low profiled


Grasping (b/f + C) close

  • Terry grabs the opponent then uppercuts them (df+C animation). The opponent lands near the corner of the screen.
  • Soft knockdown

Buster Throw - (b/f + D) close

  • Grabs and slams opponent in opposite direction. The opponent lands 1 character space away from the corner of the screen.
  • This throw is great for okizeme setups like cross-ups with j.D or empty jump low mixups, etc.
  • Hard knockdown

Command Moves

Rising Upper - (df + C)

This is Terry's command normal uppercut. Good & easy to use in combos before a special move or DM, or at the end blockstrings. It can be used as an anti-air, but it may trade or get beaten out by the opponent's jump normals if timed improperly, and it takes time to fully extend upwards. Can also be used as an extra "button" for Terry that acts as a fast attack sort of like cl.C, but works from any range.
  • Combo Advice: Very useful for Terry, since you can combo it from light attacks and cr.B, and then connect any special/DM after it. A bit inconvenient input though. Does 2–3% more damage than f+A, so you can use it instead of the latter in combos for more damage.
  • Special cancel-able

Hammer Punch - (f + A)

Terry takes a large step forward to deliver a low aiming hook punch that hits overhead. As with most command normals of this kind, it's not cancelable when done by itself (or "raw"), but becomes cancelable when you combo into it (albeit losing its overhead properties). Terry gets pushed back a great distance if its blocked, which is good if you need some space away from the opponent for you can properly react and read their next actions of movement.
  • Combo Advice: Very nice "combo filler" move for Terry. Comboes only from heavy attacks, but gives more than enough time to confirm and input a followup. Be careful using f+A at the end of a blockstring, the opponent can roll before the f+A hits if your opponent is expecting it. When done raw, may be used as a starter for Max Mode combos.
  • Hits overhead
  • Special cancel-able if cancelled from other normals

Special Moves

Power Wave - (qcf + A)

A simple low projectile that travels fast. As with most moves of this kind, it's not well fit to control air (as it can be hopped over easily), but works for zoning a grounded opponent and as a blockstring ender. A good move to cancel long attacks into, e.g. cr.C, sweep, or st.CD.
  • Combo Advice: not really a move you'll see in combos, but works ok for blockstrings and frametraps.

Round Wave - (qcf + C)

Energy explosion around Terry's fist. You can't combo into it from any normal, but if it hits, you can cancel it into any special (except qcf+A; note that supercanceling it will cost extra bar, as with other specials). The purpose of this move is a bit vague, but may work as frametrap/guard crush move.
  • Combo Advice: Will only combo in a juggle, but does have its uses in Max Mode and st.CD/j.CD counter combos.
  • Soft knockdown
  • Super cancel-able
  • Special cancel-able

Burn Knuckle - (qcb + A/C)

Terry charges with a glowing fist that will knock down on hit. Light version starts faster and travels one third of the screen; heavy version starts very slow, travels full screen, and has a bit more priority. Light punch version is the one that is usually used; it's easy to combo into, and hard to punish if spaced on the tip, making it very popular on beginner level of play. Heavy version is not used much, it's very unsafe if thrown from anywhere but fullscreen away, and that is still easy to react to and avoid/punish.
While it seems like a great move, its startup is way too slow to be good as anti-air or poke, and the recovery could be better, so be careful throwing it randomly. Also, beware that it can be low profiled by some attacks.
  • Combo Advice: Only the light version will combo from normals. Makes for an easy and safe combo ender, but may not combo properly from further ranges, and gets completely overshadowed by Power Charge for knockdown and damage. No juggle properties either, so virtually useless in Max Mode.
  • Soft knockdown

Quick Burning - (dp + A/C)

One close uppercut followed by a long range overhead blow. Heavy and light version are basically the same. Comes out very fast, but doesn't knock down, so not exactly the best combo ender. Even though the 2nd hit is negative frames, Terry is pushed back a fair distance if blocked. While the 2nd hit is an overhead, the 1st hit gives a cue to block high; from distance only the 2nd hit connects, so it may catch some people off guard if done on tip. The move doesn't lose overhead qualities when canceled into. Works OK as a fast punisher for moves within its range due to its speed. Whether to use this move is up to preference, it doesn't fill any particular niche for Terry but is a nice addition to his moveset.
  • Combo Advice: While not required per se for any combos, it can be used for an easy combo route from light/heavy attacks if other ones are too hard for you, but there are simply better options for this. Useful in Max Mode to add a tiny bit more damage and give time to input other motions during it. Can be supercanceled on 1st hit, this has to be done very quick though so it's pretty hard to perform, and the shorter range limits combo options, so it doesn't add much to any damage over other routes.
  • Super Cancel-able (1st hit)

Power Dunk - (dp + B/D)

Rising knee followed by a punch to the ground. Looks like a DP, but alas, it has no invincibility whatsoever, so it's not a reversal at all. Can be used as an anti-air, but may get beaten easily. It has bad recovery on whiff, and is easy to punish if blocked up close. The opponent can roll in between the first and second hit if blocked. The second is not an overhead as it may seem, but it causes a hard knockdown if the first hit launched, giving Terry decent okizeme options such as ambiguous roll, crossup, etc.
  • Combo Advice: Gets overshadowed by other options in meterless combos, but comes very useful in Max Mode.
  • Hard knockdown

Power Charge - (hcf + B/D)

Lunging attack which pops opponent into the air. Can be cancelled on block and on hit into Power Dunk/Rising Tackle (the latter is harder though, but more damaging). By itself it doesn't deal much damage, but with the followups deal much more. Both versions deal same amount of damage; light version starts up fast, heavy version is slower but goes further. Both are unsafe on block, even if canceled.
This move is key for Terry in this game, giving him consistent combos with good damage and hard knockdown, which makes it a preferred combo ender instead of Burn Knuckle (except for blockstrings). B version also works as a punisher with good range. It's not safe on block, but you can easily confirm into it, so don't forget to do that. Shouldn't be used as a poke or thrown randomly on block.
The d~u+C followup does 6% more damage than dp+D, but causes soft knockdown and is much harder to perform (not recommended for beginners). You need to charge "down" during hcf+K to get it, there's a very short time to charge the move so it's very tricky to get it right. It's best to do it from hcf+D as it gives you more time to charge before the hit. Start holding d immediately after hcf (in one motion, like hcf, d), then u+P as Power Charge hits.
  • Combo Advice: This move is the backbone of meterless combos for Terry. Easily comboes from heavy attacks and command normals. Can also be comboed from light attacks if you cancel them into df+C first, then into hcf+K. Also comes in handy in his max mode juggles. Can be supercanceled outside of max mode, but this is barely worth the meter.
  • Super Cancel-able
  • Soft knockdown (if done without followup)

Rising Tackle - Charge (d~u + A/C)

Rising attack spinning punches, aimed at the feet first. Best used as a reversal & anti-air because of its quick start-up, more-so the heavy punch version. Both punch versions are highly unsafe if whiffed or blocked. Light version doesn't go very high and doesn't have invincibility on hit; heavy version travels farther vertically than the light punch version, and is invincible on 1st hit, meaning it won't trade vs buttons. Heavy version is the only meterless reversal Terry has; usually it is the only version that gets used because light version isn't much safer, while dealing less damage.
  • Combo Advice: Not much point in using it in meterless combos, as Terry has plenty better options for this. Can be used instead of dp+K in some metered combos though, although it does about same damage there.
  • Super Cancel-able
  • Soft knockdown

Crack Shoot - (qcb + B/D)

Terry does a flip kick that doesn't knock down, but may launch an airborne opponent. Light kick version starts up faster, has short range and is harder to punish on block, while the heavy kick version travels further, but is slower, less safe and will whiff on most crouchers; B version usually preferred. This move has some use as a preemptive anti-air against mid to long range jumps or full jumps that isn't too bad on whiff or block, but that said it lacks priority of DP-kind moves. You may get a juggle after it on anti-air hit, but alas, the only thing that will consistently connect after it is j.B, so not much damage, and you only get a reset after it with barely any frame advantage; j.C may or may not connect depending on many factors. Also, qcb+B is OK to whiff cancel buttons into for safety. Otherwise, not many uses.
  • Combo Advice: Not really useful in any combos per se, may do as a blockstring ender in a pinch, but really Terry has plenty better options for this.
  • B version hits twice; D version hits once
  • Doesn't knockdown opponent if hit
  • Hits mid

Desperation Moves

Power Geyser - (d, db, b, db, f + P / can be input as d, b, f+P) - 22% dmg

The Power Geyser can be used as an preemptive anti-air against mid to long range jumps or super jumps, as a quick punish against whiffed reversals or DM's that have very poor recovery. It is also very easy to combo into from standing heavy normals and command normals (df+C, f+A). Be careful because of its long recovery on whiff and it is very punish-able on block.
  • Combo Advice: Geyser is a standard ender for 1 bar combos and 2 bar max mode ones.
  • Soft knockdown

High Angle Geyser - (qcf x 2 + K)

This is pretty much a Desperation Move version of three moves, his Power Charge, Power Dunk and it ends with his Power Geyser Desperation Move. Light version has very fast startup, heavy version is a little slower but goes further. This move works best as a punisher, as it is fast and goes pretty far. However, it doesn't work vs airborne opponent very well, usually whiffing hits, so beware of using it as anti-air or in juggle combos, because it could easily drop the opponent and leave you open for a punish; it's best used vs a grounded opponent only. Also be careful when using it on tip as the last hit may also whiff in this case.
  • Combo Advice: Does a bit less damage than Power Geyser and doesn't juggle well, so no real point in using this move in combos. Still, if you feel like it, you can use it instead of the Geyser in 1 bar BnBs, just don't rely on it in juggles as it will most likely not combo properly.
  • Soft knockdown
  • dmg 200

Super Desperation Moves

Power Geyser - (d, db, b, db, f + AC / can be input as d, b, f+AC)

A triple power geyser. This is the more beefed up version of the single stock DM. It can be used in the same situations as the normal Desperation Move Power Geyser but be careful that the opponent can Guard Cancel Roll the 2nd or 3rd geyser and punish Terry while he is recovering.

Combo Advice: Sadly, this move will often whiff hits during juggles, so it's preferred for combos on grounded opponent only. And alas, even in max mode, it hardly will help deal much damage.

  • Soft knockdown
  • dmg 320

Hidden Super Desperation Move

  • Rising Force - (qcf x 2 + AC)
  • Terry performs an energized shoulder tackle, Power Charge into a Rising Tackle. One of the more easier HSDM's to combo into in the game. Only disadvantages is that it has no invincibility, the start-up isn't as fast as his High Angle Geyser, and it doesn't reach full screen as it may look. Overall, it's best to use as a combo finisher.
  • Soft Knockdown


You can always use cl.D instead of cl.C

0 Stock

  • cl.C, f+A/df+C, hcf+K, dp+D/d~u+C - 28%~37% dmg
Main BnB combo. df+C deals 2% more damage, but makes the combo harder to input and gives less time to confirm. To get the followup after hcf+K, you cancel the latter into dp+D or d~u+C on the moment when it hits. dp+D is easier to input and causes hard knockdown (D version of dp+K preferred, as it does more damage, being otherwise same).
d~u+C does 6% more damage, but causes soft knockdown and is much harder to perform (not recommnded for beginners). It's best to do it from hcf+D as it gives you more time to charge. d~u+C can be done by holding d immediately after hcf (in one motion, like hcf, d), then u+P as Power Charge hits, there's a very short time to charge the move so it's tricky to get it right.
  • cr.B, cr.A/cr.B/cl.B, df+C, hcf+K, dp+K/d~u+C - 30%/36% dmg
Similar BnB combo started from low confirm chain. The input is somewhat tight, as df+C gives a very short window for a cancel, so may be hard for beginners. It may be helpful to learn the exact amount you have to hold df to get df+C, then immediately do hcf+K after it. No input shortcuts here, but worth learning in the long run, as it makes Terry's combos from cr.B much better.
  • cl.C, f+A/df+C, qcb+A
  • cr.B, cr.A/cr.B/cl.B, df+C, qcb+A
Somewhat easier versions of main BnBs, also safer on block, but less damage and soft knockdown.
  • cl.C, f+A/df+C, qcf+A
  • cr.B, cr.A/cr.B/cl.B, df+C, qcf+A
Not much damage but pretty safe on block, good as blockstrings.
  • cr.B, cr.A/cr.B, d~u+P/dp+D/dp+P
Slightly easier but non-optimal combo from lows.

1 Stock

  • cl.C, f+A/df+C, qcb,db,f+P/qcfx2+K - 35~39% dmg
Standard 1 bar combos with soft knockdown. A bit more damage than 0 bar ones, use them when you have bar to burn for a little extra damage.
  • cr.B, cr.A/cr.B/st.B, df+C, qcb,db,f+P/qcfx2+K - 39%/37% dmg
Similar to combo above, but starting from a light attack. A tricky combo to input because of game's intricate input buffer rules. Canceling into qcfx2+K is especially tough because of several overlaps and an awkward motion. Not really necessary for Terry.

2 Stock

  • cl.C, f+A/df+C, hcf+K (SC) qcb,db,f+P - 42%/44% dmg
Does a little more than the 1 bar version. Simple, but barely worth spending extra bar.
  • cr.B, cr.A/cr.B, d~u+P (SC) qcb,db,f+P - 39% dmg
Possible supercancel combo that deals about same damage as 1 bar ones.
  • cl.C, f+A, BC run, cl.C(1), f+A, dp+P, (C)hcf+K (SC) qcb,db,f+P - 43% dmg
Simpler, but less damaging max mode route.
  • cl.C(1), f+A, BC run, cl.D, (f+A), dp+P, (C)dp+B(1), (C)hcf+B, (C)qcb+B, dp+K(1)/d~u+P(1) (SC) qcb,db,f+P - 53% dmg
( if you use the second f+A, cancel dp+P on the 1st hit. )
Optimal midscreen max mode route with OK damage. The catch is in the dp+B(1), (C)hcf+B part. If you do it like f, qcf+K, hcf+K (hitting df), you may get qcfx2+B DM instead of hcf+B. To avoid this, you can input the dp stopping on df, or the hcf without hitting df.
  • (Corner) cl.C(1), f+A, BC run, cl.D, (f+A), dp+P, (C)dp+B(1), (C)hcf+B, (C)qcb+B, dp+K(1), (C)qcf+C, (dp+K(1)) (SC) qcb,db,f+P - 64% dmg
( Same note as above. You have to delay the dp+K(1) before it for qcf+C to connect, which is the corner-only part of the combo. )
Pretty good damage, but the delays for dp+K(1) parts are tricky. Not the easiest combo.

3 Stock

  • cl.C, f+A/df+C, qcfx2+AC / qcb,db,f+AC - 56%/48% dmg
Simpler versions of 3 bar combos without max cancel run. Easy, but the damage is not high for the amount of meter spent.
  • cl.C, f+A, BC run, cl.C(1), f+A, (qcfx2+AC)/(dp+P, (SC) qcb,db,f+AC) - 59%/53% dmg
Better than the combo above, but still lower than average damage for 3 bar. The SDM version does same damage as the the optimal 2 bar route, so not worth spending bar on (unless you can't do the 2 bar one). The HSDM one does a bit more.


Terry -Max- combos by Franck Frost
阿澤.Aze (Terry Best Rounds)
Terry Master Class

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