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Power Mode

Power Mode allows the character to have more damaging strikes, and deal block damage when opponent blocks. This mode also allows for SDMs to be performed (when life is flashing and power bar is full), allows for a Unblockable Attack to be used (BC), and can link from regular moves to DMs and SDMs. DMs can be done freely when life is flashing.

Speed Mode

Speed Mode allows the character to cancel normals into other normals, dealing less damage and only deals block damage with special moves. The Special Attack (BC) is an overhead, so it must be blocked high. Instead of a Super Desperation Move, you can do Super Speed Combos or a regular Desperation move. Supers can be linked from regular slashes but not moves, depending on the character. You can also link 3 b+A hits before a combo.

EX Mode

EX Mode is sort of a balance between Power and Speed, where you are afforded elements of both, but are evenly handicapped by taking more damage and building meter slower. Under EX, you can use the Special Attack that can be blocked high, you can perform Super Desperation Moves or Super Speed Combos, link Supers from regular and Special moves, and link 3 b+A hits before a combo.

  • Access EX Mode by selecting your character than highlighting Speed Mode and pressing C 6 times, the moving to highlight Power Mode and press B 3 times, and back to Speed to press C 4 times again.

Overheads & Unblockables

Overheads and Unblockables are performed with BC. Overheads are available only in Speed and EX mode where they are moves that must be blocked high, can be followed up with another attack or linked to a special move after the overhead lands, and usually has a knockdown effect. Unblockables are only available in Power Mode and are chargeable, take almost or half of your life when charged fully, cannot be followed up by any move, and usually cannot be cancelled out of. But certain moves can cancel into them.

Air Blocking

Last Blade 2 has a simple system of airblocking that when jumping straight up or backwards you can block projectiles, anti-airs, aerial normal attacks, and ground special moves. The attacks you cannot block in airblocking are grounded normals and of course unblockable attacks.

Repelling and Recoveries

Similar to Street Fighter 3 parry or Garou's Just Defend, Repelling is a defensive system that allows parrying and countering, as well as recovering. Unlike Parrying or Just Defend however, Repelling is done with an action button "D" instead of a joystick motion. You are able to repel attacks on the ground, low, in the air, when an opponent attacks you from the air, or when you jump around and opponent and he or she attacks from the ground. Repelling Special moves requires you to press foward from the ground or df from crouching. With the Repelling button, you can also recover your character from knockdowns on the ground or in the air. Recovery is and should be used as a tactical tool; but it's very risky, as many characters can bait it and combo off it. As a rule of thumb, use it if you're away from your opponent, if you're close to them, you will get punished.

By performing b,db,d + D while blocking so you can repel moves such as multi hit supers and projectiles. It also helps you avoid chip damage and gives you a free combo, though it costs one meter. It's better on power, since it fills more quickly in that mode.

Chain Combos (Speed and EX modes only)

Every character has their own form of chain combos but this following is a series of combos everyone is capable of:

b + A + A + A + B + f B/f C/df C A + B + C

Generally either A + B + C or b + A + A + A + B can cancel into a Special, DM, SDM, SSC

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