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! DamageHow much damage the move does on hit/block. Characters in TLB2 have 256 health, but different defense modifiers. ! StartupNumber of frames for the move to become active, first active frame included. ! ActiveNumber of frames the move remains active for, and can hit the opponent on. ! RecoveryNumber of frames after the active frames for the move to end and the character to become actionable, unless canceled from. ! StateState your opponent must be in for the move to come out. Some moves can only be done when the opponent is on the ground, for example. Most moves can be done in any state. ! Frame AdvHow much sooner or later you can act on hit/block when compared to your opponent, assuming the move is not canceled. +2 means you can act 2 frames before your opponent, -2 means your opponent can act 2 frames before you ! MeterHow much meter the move builds on hit/block. A full bar of meter is 64 points. ! GuardWhether the move can be blocked standing, crouching, or both. L means it has to be blocked crouching, H means standing, M means it can be blocked either way. Some moves cannot be blocked. ! CancelWhether the move can be canceled on hit/block. ○ means it can be canceled and × means it cannot. △ means it has a special type of cancel, usually Desperation Move. ! TechWhether you can tech the move. Air techs are performed by pressing D in the air, ground techs are rolls performed during otg recovery.


Determines the columns to be used for Last Blade 2 move lists.