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The King of Fighters XII/Sie Kensou

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Ryuuhousui - f/b + AC

  • Not a hard knockdown



  • A, C, D and CD are cancelable
  • A chains to A
  • B chains C
  • C and D have long counterhit stun
  • Both CD and Guard Cancel CD are hard knockdowns
  • Guard Cancel CD knocks down and deflects incoming attacks


  • A, B, C and D are cancelable
  • A chains to A
  • B chains to A and B
  • C and D have long counterhit stun


  • CD creates juggle state and is a hard knockdown

Command Normals

Kensou has no command normals

Special Moves

Ryutouda - qcb + A

  • Chains to Rintesshoh (qcb + C)

Rintesshoh - qcb + C

  • Chains to Sikkuuzanryuukyaku (qcb + B/D)

Sikkuuzanryuukyaku - qcb + B/D

  • Knocks down

Ryuubokko - dp + A/C, mash A/C

  • Number of hits determined by how long the player mashes
  • If mashed too long, Kensou is vulnerable for a period as he recovers

Ryuugakusai - dp + B/D

  • Knocks down

Super Special Moves

Shinryuu Choukyuudan - hcb + A/C

  • Hard knockdown



  • cr.B xx qcb+A xx qcb+C xx qcb+B
  • cr.B xx qcb+A xx qcb+C xx dp+D
The King of Fighters XII

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