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Gameplay Overview

Thief Arthur is a character crossing over from the Million Arthur series. She’s an interesting character, as she brings over a few mechanics that definitely differentiate her from the rest of the cast in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.

Double Jump, double jump cancelling: The first notable thing is that Thief Arthur has a double jump. This isn’t just an added movement option, either; it gives her the ability to double jump cancel to land more attacks than others are capable of while airborne. This makes her similar in functionality to a more traditional “anime” fighting game character. This in turn leads to the second thing she has that changes up her playstyle a bit.

Aerial chains/raves: Unlike the rest of the cast, Thief Arthur can chain combos in the air, going from L to H, jump cancelling, then repeating the process to tack on a little more damage. It’s noteworthy that you can connect with j.L, H, dj.Throw, and it will work if you don’t want to end with her 2S while airborne, or don’t have the meter to do so.

Beat combos: To add to the above about aerial chains/raves, it’s noteworthy that Thief Arthur’s combo rules are wildly different then the other characters in the game. Where there’s a limit imposed on normals you can hit outside of Dash Attacks for every other character, Thief Arthur can hit multiple attacks and strings in a single combo (such as being able to juggle with multiple cl.H, j.H juggles), allowing her to do lengthy chains and juggles not unlike those in the Blazblue or Guilty Gear series. This opens up many different combo routes for her that are unavailable for anyone else.

Healing: Certain special moves, as well as Dash Attacks, that you can land while using Thief Arthur will result in her healing a tiny bit of health. While it’s not much, the fact that it’s a feature for her at all can make a difference if she’s rushing you down. The special moves that provide a healing effect will be noted. You won’t receive any healing if the move is blocked or, obviously, if you miss.


Notable normals: 5L, 5H - Arthur’s 5H is a solid and quick poke with decent range for what it is. Nice for badgering people incoming. 5H is a bit odd in regards to normals in that visually, it screams anti-air, and CAN work as such, but you have to time it a bit later to use it for that purpose than you might like to. Definitely worth practicing to understand the timing if you want a decent way to keep the air around you a bit safer.


cl. L:

cl. H:


Far L:

Far H:


Dash H:


j. L:

j. H:


Forward throw:

  • xxx dmg
  • Causes (soft or hard knockdown)

Back throw:

  • xxx dmg
  • Throws opponent

Air throw:

  • Throws opponent behind



  • (assist info)

Special Moves

5S (use able in the air)- Twin Daggers

  • Arthur tosses out a pair of daggers that split and then converge vertically, similar to Kyosuke’s Cross Cutter, if Rival Schools or Project Justice is something you’re familiar with. The projectiles go full screen. 48 damage if both daggers connect, and you recover a small bit of health. This move can connect multiple times in one combo.

The aerial version of this move has noticeably slower startup than the grounded version and travels at a downward diagonal arc, but does the same damage if both daggers connect. The tradeoff here is that you can use other aerial actions after tossing these out, with the exception being air dodging. SP cost: 1 and ½ bars.

Without Spirit:

EX Item:

  • The EX daggers come out faster than the norm and travel slightly faster as well. They do more damage, and give you back a little more health than the normal version, too. 57 damage if both daggers connect.

The aerial version of this acts exactly the same as the normal aerial version, but with the same benefits and damage output as the grounded EX version. More damage, more health regen, and faster speed and activation, while allowing you offensive movements in the air afterward.

2S (useable in the air) - Whirl Wind

  • Thief Arthur goes into a spinning flurry that ends with a hard axe kick that groundbounces the opponent if this is done on the ground. There’s a lot of horizontal carry with this, and like other moves from other characters, this can be hit twice in a combo, but the second time around, the last hit won’t connect. 10 hits, 80 damage if they all connect. SP cost: 1 bar.

The aerial version of this move has Arthur spin in the air on the spot with no horizontal or vertical movement. If she hits it, she spikes the opponent to the ground for a hard knockdown. You can’t follow this up with any other aerial actions, but it does heal you a slight bit. 5 hits, 100 damage.

Without Spirit:

EX Item:

  • The EX Whirl Wind has roughly the same startup speed as the normal version, but this version has invul on startup that’ll let you disrespect some things during the first bit of the move. 10 hits, 100 damage.

The aerial version of EX Whirl Wind is the same as the standard version of the move, save for doing more damage. You’re still unable to follow up with other actions, and you still get healing after hitting it by a slight amount. 130 damage.

6S - Hold Trick

  • Arthur dashes at the opponent, balancing atop them for a moment before flipping off and kicking them aside. This is a strike-based throw, meaning that it can be blocked, but it can be followed up afterward by items or SP items as well. You don’t get healing after catching this. 120 damage. SP cost: 1 bar.

Without Spirit:

EX Item:

  • The EX version of the Hold Trick does less damage, but as a tradeoff, it starts up faster, and if it catches the opponent, they’re actually launched into the air as opposed to being kicked aside, allowing for some follow ups. 80 damage.

4S/6S in the air - Wire Shot

  • The Wire Shot, regardless of whether you choose to go back or forward, does the same thing. Arthur swings a short distance with a grappling hook she latches to the ceiling. In a clear attempt to limit her potential aerial nonsense, you can swing one way, then immediately swing the other way. There HAS to be another aerial action in between, even if it’s just an air dash. There’s a very short amount of time after swinging that you have to wait to do something else, so keep that window in mind. Also, you can’t air dodge after swinging, so remember that you give up your main defensive option for using it. SP cost: 1 bar.

Without Spirit:

EX Item:

  • The EX version of the Wire Shot is faster than the standard version in activation, and it has a shorter wait time between you swinging and taking an action, allowing you to do more in the air. Other than that, this is much the same as the standard version.

Dream Finish


Sniping Tempest: Arthur tosses a set of blades at the opponent’s feet, then she dashes through them multiple times. It’s pretty much Ibuki’s Yami Shigure super from 3rd Strike. The startup on this is fast, and it covers full screen distance, but if the opponent is airborne, this will miss. It’s noteworthy that if the super connects, Arthur is invulnerable during the animation. 350 damage. SP cost: 4 bars.

j. 5D

Catch and Barrage: Arthur grabs the opponent in midair and executes a combo that ends in them getting knocked away. This can be comboed into, if you feel as though you wouldn’t be able to catch it raw. 350 damage. SP cost: 4 bars.


IAD = Instant Air Dash cl. = Close (i.e, doing a Light or Heavy normal right next to the opponent)

far. = Far (i.e, doing a Light or Heavy farther away from the opponent)

xx = Means you cancel into the next move immediately (i.e, 2S xx 5D)

~ = Means you press the next command immediately after (i.e, cl.H~2D)

jc. = Jump Cancel

dj. = Double Jump

walk() = This means you walk in the direction in the ()'s create the distance needed for the next move. So walk(4) means walk back, walk(6) means to walk forward.

dash = This means to dash to close distance.

Mid-screen, 1000 health

1: j.H, L,cl.H, jc, IAD.H, dash, cl.H~2S, 66H, 5D (439 damage)

2: j.H, cl.H, jc.H, cl.H, jc.H, dj.H~2S xx j.D (502 damage)

3: j.H, cl.H, IAD, cl.H, IAD.H, 66H, 2S, 66H, 5D (523 damage)

Mid-screen, 500 health

1: j.H, L,cl.H~5S, dash, 66H, far.H~5S, 2S, 66H, 5D (445 damage)

2: j.H, L,L,L, 66H, far.H~5S, 2S, 66H, 6S xx 5D (461 damage)

3: cl.H, jc, IAD, cl.H, jc, IAD.H, dash, cl.H, jc, IAD.H, cl.H, jc.H~j.S, j.L~j.H, 2S, 66H, 6S xx 5D (598 damage)

Opponent in corner, 1000 health

1: j.H, L,L,L, cl.H, jc.L~j.H, dj.L~j.H~j.2S xx j.D (430 damage)

2: cl.H, jc.H, 66H, cl.H, jc.H, 66H, cl.H~2S, 66H, 5D (548 damage)

Opponent in corner, 500 health

1: cl.H, jc.H, cl.H, jc.H~j.S, j.L~j.H, j.L~j.H, dj.L~j.H~j.2S xx j.D (530 damage)

2: cl.H, jc, IAD, cl.H~5S, cl.H, jc, IAD.H, 66H, cl.H~2S, 66H, 6S xx 5D (567 damage)

Corner-to-Corner, 1000 health

1: L,L,L, jc.H, 66H, IAD.H, 66H, 2S, 66H, 5D (436 damage)

2: cl.H~5S, IAD.H, 66H, IAD.H, 66H, IAD.H, 66H, 2S, 66H, 5D (538 damage)

Corner-to-Corner, 500 health

1: L,L,L~5S, 66H, dash, IAD.H, 66H, IAD.H, 66H, 2S, 66H, 6S xx 5D (470 damage)

2: cl.H, jc, IAD, cl.H, jc, IAD.H, dash, cl.H, jc, IAD.H, 66H, 5S, 66H, 2S, 66H, 6S xx 5D (589 damage)


SNK Heroines - Thief Arthur combos by Mikadok


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