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KOF XII is the first HD entry into the series and was SNKP's attempt to reboot the series. SNKP stripped out many of the technical elements of the game in order to create a simpler fighter to attract new fans. Two new systems were added into the game: Clash and Critical Counter.

Game Systems

Attack Notations

A = Light Punch

B = Light Kick

C = Strong Punch

D = Strong Kick

CD = Blowback Attack. In XII, CD can be charged. A fully charged CD results in crumple.

P = With either Light Punch or Strong Punch

K = With either Light Kick or Strong Kick

AC = Throw

AB = Evasive Roll, neutral or forward Ab while make the character roll forward, pressing it in the backward direction will make the character roll backward

GCCD = Guard Cancel Blowback Attack, press CD when guarding an attack. Often referred as CD Counter.


                  up (u)
 (ub)  up left - 7 8 9 - up right (uf)
     (b)   left - 4 5 6 - right (f)

(db) down left - 1 2 3 - down right (df)
                  down (d)

Movement Abbreviations

qcf - 236 - d/df/f - Quarter circle forward

qcb - 214 - d/db/b - Quarter circle backward

hcf - 41236 - b/db/d/df/f - Half circle forward

hcb - 63214 - f/df/d/db/d - Half circle backward

dp - 623 - f/d/df - Dragon Punch motion

rdp - 421 - b/d/db - Reverse Dragon Punch motion

charge - [4]6 or [2]8 - b~f or d~u - Hold in one direction then shift to the designated direction

tk - 2369 - d/df/f/uf - Tiger Knee Motion

hcb f - 632146 - f/df/d/db/b/f - Half circle back forward motion

b~f - [4]6 - Hold back then press forward

d~u - [2]8 - Hold down then press up

db/f - 1,6 - press down back then forward

d/u - 2,8 - press down then up

d,d - 2,2 - press down twice

f/b/f - 6,4,6 - press forward back forward

qcb hcf - 2141236 - Quarter circle back half circle forward

Notation and Terminology

j. - Jump/jumping - Press and hold up-back/up/up-forward.

Hyperjump - Press down-back/down/down-forward, then quickly press and hold up-back/up/up-forward.

Hop - Tap up-back/up/up-forward.

Hyperhop - Tap down-back/down/down-forward, then quickly tap up-back/up-forward.

s.C - Standing close hit strong punch. Since most far hits are non-cancelable, standing attacks such as s.C are always the close version.

Far D - Standing far D.

d.B - Crouching or down B

Clash System

The Clash, or Deadlock, system was one of the new systems added to XII. Basically, attacks of equal strength which connect simultaneously will clash. The resulting clash results in reduced damage (30%) taken by each character. When a clash occurs, both characters will hop away from each other but this hop can be cancelled into other moves. Pushing f on the joystick results in a forward dash. The clash can also be cancelled into an attack or a forward hyper hop. All special moves are considered Strong in the Clash system.

Clashing with projectiles nullifies any damage from the projectile and allows the advancing player to move in on zoning characters more easily.

Critical Counters

A Critical Counter (CC) is a custom combo system which goes into effect upon counterhit C (or D for Kim, Clark and Duo Lon) when the Critical Counter meter is full. A successful CC causes a green flash and puts the opponent in a stunned state, similar to a juggle state, which lasts for a few seconds. The CC meter is filled by attacking and being attacked.

Critical Super

When the CC flash occurs, input the character's super special move command and the character will perform a Critical Super. Goro is the only character in the game that causes more damage form a Critical Super rather than a Critical Counter combo.


Unlike most KOF games, KOF XII do not have characters grouped into teams or boss characters. However, players are still required to choose a team of three characters in order to play.


The King of Fighters XII

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