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Aiki Nage - cl. f + C

  • Over the shoulder throw
  • Opponent lands on the opposite side

Zutsuki Satsu - cl. f + D

  • Grabs them and headbutts them
  • Mashable throw

Special Moves

Kirai Ho - qcf + P

  • Throws a energy ball
  • A version goes about halfway then hits the ground
  • C version goes almost full screen

Dai Taikobara Uchi - charge d~u + P

  • Similar to Blanka's up ball
  • A version can be navigated

Hagan Geki - charge b~f + K

  • A forward Blanka ball
  • D version has a slower start-up

Desperation Move

Bakurai Hoh - charge db~qcf + BC

  • A more powerful version of Kirai Ho
Fatal Fury Special



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