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Fatal Fury Special/Terry Bogard

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Buster Throw - cl. f + C

  • Grabs opponent and slams them
  • Opponent lands on opposite side

Burn Knuckle - qcb + P

  • Terry does a punch and flies across the screen
  • C version goes full screen and has a slower start-up despite being faster
  • Can be comboed into

Special Moves

Rising Tackle - charge d~u + P

  • An upward barrage of kicks
  • C version goes higher and has a slightly faster start-up
  • Can be comboed into

Crack Shot - qcb ub + K

  • Terry does a flip kick towards the opponent
  • C version goes full screen
  • Can be comboed into

Power Wave - qcf + P

  • Terry's ground projectile
  • Both versions go full screen
  • C version is faster
  • Can be comboed into

Desperation Move

Power Geyser - qcb, db, f + BC

  • A much larger and more powerful version of Power Wave
  • It has the same properties as Joe's Screw Upper except it has a slight wider hitbox and doesn't go anywhere
  • Can be comboed into
Fatal Fury Special



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