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Fatal Fury Special/Controls

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Attack Notations

A = Weak Punch

B = Weak Kick

C = Strong Punch

D = Strong Kick

Attack Commands

Throw = f+C (close)

Quick Escape = Press b,b

Taunt = Press C (while far away)

Plane Shift = Press AB

Roll Between Planes = d or u*

Attack Between Planes = Any attack button*

Blowback Attack = Press CD

Defensive Attack = Press f+A (while blocking an attack)

Crouch Walk = Press and hold df

  • Only works when you're on the opposite plane of the opponent


                  up (u)
 (ub)  up left - 7 8 9 - up right (uf)
     (b)   left - 4 5 6 - right (f)

(db) down left - 1 2 3 - down right (df)
                  down (d)

Other Abbreviations

cl. - Close

cr. - Crouch

st. - Stand

j. - Jump/jumping - Press up-back/up/up-forward.

Fatal Fury Special



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