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Poncho Throw - cl. f + C

  • A regular throw

Poncho Breaker - cl. f + D

  • Wraps the capote (dress cape) around the opponent and squeezes them
  • Mashable throw. If not countermashed, Laurence throws opponent into the other plane.

Flying Buster - cl. in air d + C

  • Grabs opponent in the air and descends to the ground doing a back breaker.

Special Moves

Bloody Saber - hcf + P

  • Takes out his saber and lunges at the opponent
  • A-version: Faster, slightly less damage, recovery, and range.
  • C-version slides further on the stab and deals more damage, but longer recovery.

Bloody Spin - charge b~f + K

  • Laurence dives at the opponent similar to a Psycho Crusher.
  • B-version does puts opponent in air recovery. But has less startup, recovery, and range. Safe on block, but unsafe on hit if opponent is in the air. Excellent for chip pressure.
  • D-version deals more damage, has more range, and knocks down. However, it has greater startup and recovery.

Bloody Cutter - charge d~u + C

  • Dives over the opponent's head and slashes at them with his sword within his cape.
  • Travels to wherever the enemy is.
  • Hits crossup, but has severe recovery.

Desperation Move

Bloody Flash - df hcf db f + BD

  • Laurence slashes twice with his sword.
  • Deals 45% and knocks down on hit.
  • On block, it deals slightly more damage than C-version Bloody Saber, and is safe.
  • Best to use something to buffer into this as backdashes are prone to come out otherwise.

Fatal Fury Special



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