Fatal Fury Special/Mai Shiranui

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Leg Throw - cl. f + C

  • Mai grabs them with her legs and slams them
  • Opponent lands on opposite side

Yumezakura - cl. in air d + D

  • Grabs opponent in the air then slams them to the ground

Special Moves

Ryu En Bu - qcb + P

  • Swings part of dress (that's on now fire) and hits the opponent
  • Can be comboed into
  • C version is more powerful

Hissatsu Shinobibachi - hcf + K

  • Mai does a rolling shoulder tackle
  • D version goes father but isn't safe
  • Can be comboed into

Ka Cho Sen - qcf + P

  • Fan projectile
  • C version goes a lot faster
  • Can be comboed into

Musasabi no Mai - charge d~u + P (Mai's Stage only)

  • Mai jumps onto one of the poles in her stage then divebombs towards her opponent hitting them
  • Can be used even if they're in the background
  • Can be comboed into
  • Exclusive to Mai's stage

Desperation Move

Cho Hisatsu Shinobobachi - f, db, f + BC

  • It's Hissatsu Shinobibachi except with more fire!
  • Can be comboed into
Fatal Fury Special



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