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The King of Fighters XV


General Gameplan



Because gato is really fast,cl.a has 4 frames startup and can get +4 frames on block,it`s very useful to repeat cl.a > dash > cl.a.

Gato`s jump cd has a very big vertical range,use jump cd after hop cd can make great guard damage in corner.

26C can make great hit recover,2b > 2a >26C in corner will give a lot of pressure cause usually only light attack can hurt gato in the middle of 2a and 26C.if opponent block 26C,gato can still use f.C to keep attack when the opponent do not have fast and big hitbox far normal ,if opponent is trying to beat back by using 4f+ attack or using 4f attack not in the fastest speed,the opponent will be hit by 26C,you can follow 6P to keep attack or 2626 P to kill the opponent,if the opponent uses 4f attack in the fastest speed,it is usually light attack,gato will get less recover,you can follow f.C in a fastest speed,it`s a combo. 24 D and 6a can also be used in that way.


When the opponent is nearly dead and in the corner,you can use 24a~a~C and 24a~C to kill the opponent,if the opponent trying to ab or block ,24a~C will hit,if the opponent trying to jump to dodge the Cipher fang,then he will be hit by you jump C,it is very tricky.

When not in the corner,24AC~D and 24BD~D is a very tricky startup,if you use 24AC~D ,you will hit the opponent in place,if you use 24BD~D ,you will hit the opponent from back with a low attack.both attack can lead a lot of damage.

2b > 5b >24b~c is also a very useful mixup,also safe on block.


Back jump D and vertical jump C is very useful to defense yourself.

When you get up from ground,you can repeat input 4D,if the opponent trying to hurt you with normal throw,you will solve it.if the opponent trying to hit you at the first,you`ll block the attack,if the opponent trying to wait for a while and jump attack,your cl.D will also hit the opponent in airbone.when close enough,you can trigger normal thorw to hurt the opponent,cl.D is also safe on block.

2626a is really fast,when the opponent use the attack that -5 or more on block,you can use 2626a to get yourself out of corner.Gato has very strong normals,and he is a good fighter in close and mid range,with strong normals and fast speed,your do not need to worry about your meter,use 1 bar to get out is usually worthy.


24 b~d after 26p~6a,remember to wait for a while,you can get plus on block.

hop cd after 26p~6a


5.a > hop after 2626 b/d

2.b > hop after 4/6 C

Countering Gato

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