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1. Gourin Kai - b/f+C

  • Andy grabs the opponent, throws them down, then delivers a kick while they are on the ground
  • hard knockdown
  • it is possible to cancel the kick part of this throw into maxmode, which creates a glitch in which Andy's sprite can pass straight through the opponent's. This bug is explained in the strategy section
  • kick part of this move is free cancellable out of, though nothing that you cancel into will combo

2. Kakaekomi Nage - b/f+D

  • Andy grabs the opponent and throws them behind him across the screen
  • Since it can be recovery rolled and Andy takes a while to recover from the throw, it isn't useful for setting up additional pressure afterwards
  • the opponent gets up with their back turned

Command Normals

1. Uwa Agito - f+B

  • Andy performs a slow hop kick forward which is not cancellable by itself
  • very risky to throw this move out by itself because it has a frame disadvantage even if it hits, unless it is spaced
  • overhead
  • cancellable if cancelled into

2. Age Men - df+A

  • Andy performs a diagonally upward thrust with his arms, which can work well as a pre-emptive anti-air against the startup of jumpins
  • if it hits an airborn opponent, they will be knocked into the air and can be further juggled
  • cancellable on the first hit

Special Moves

1. Hishou Ken - qcb+A

  • Andy releases a small burst of energy in front of him, which has limited range
  • has good recovery on block
  • opponent is in a jugglable state after getting hit with this move

2. Geki Hishou Ken - qcb+C

  • Andy extends his palm creating a ball of energy in front of him. The ball stays in front of him for 5 hits
  • not possible to punish on block if the opponent has no stock and it is difficult to guard roll behind him, unless the opponent does so on the first hit. It's a good chipping tool if opponent has no stock

3. Shouryuu Dan - dp+P

  • Andy performs a rising uppercut attack with good startup priority
  • dp+A doesn't rise as high and has much better recovery than dp+C, though technically both are punishable
  • supercancellable on the first hit though technically you will do about a jab's worth of damage since the majority of the qcb hcf+K DM will whiff
  • free cancellable out of on the first hit to ground attacks and on the rest of the hits to qcf+K(air)
  • hard knockdown on the last hit

4. Yami Abise Geri - rdp+K

  • Andy rolls backwards, creating a flame in front of him, acting as a reasonably good prediction anti-air that is also very safe
  • the move is very slow so it shouldn't be used as a reversal. rdp+D comes out slower than rdp+B but does more damage
  • rdp+D has a lot of startup invincibility
  • free cancellable out of

5. Kuuha Dan - hcf+K

  • Andy performs a very high priority spiraling kick that travels in a parabolic motion. The arc on hcf+D is bigger than hcf+B
  • only sometimes punishable on block by throws or fast normals but can be rolled behind and punished easily. It is also possible for the move to go over the opponent, allowing them to just run behind and combo you in the back
  • free cancellable out of on the first hit to ground attacks and on the rest of the hits to qcf+K(air)

6. Gekiheki Haisui Shou - hcf+P

  • a proximity unblockable attack that only comes out if Andy is in throw range and opponent is not in blockstun. Otherwise, a close A/close C comes out instead
  • last hit knocks the opponent into the air where they can be juggled
  • free cancellable out of on all four hits

7. Gen'ei Shiranui - qcf+K(air)

  • Andy performs a diagonal "dive" downwards which has a very large hitbox
  • free cancellable into
  • can be followed up with either P or K, see below

7a. Gen'ei Shiranui: Shimo Agito - P (after qcf+K(air))

  • Andy performs a low kick that comes out fairly quick and has good recovery if blocked
  • low attack
  • supercancellable, though supercancelling into qcb hcf+P will whiff
  • free cancellable out of

7b. Gen'ei Shiranui: Uwa Agito - K (after qcf+K(air))

  • Andy does a hop kick that comes out fairly quick though not as fast as the P followup
  • has horrible recovery time if blocked, so it's a risk to use it
  • overhead
  • free cancellable out of into qcf+K

8. Zan'ei Ken - db f+P

  • Andy performs a dashing attack forward. db f+A comes out faster than dp+C
  • db f+A goes less than half screen distance, while db f+C goes full screen
  • an alternate motion for this move is to just do hcf+P. If you are not in throw range, this move will come out instead of the hcf+P proximity unblockable
  • on whiff, this move recovers extremely fast, though it is very punishable if it hits or is blocked
  • can be followed up with qcf+P on hit or block
  • supercancellable
  • free cancellable into
  • free cancellable out of

8a. Shippuu Ouken - qcf+P (after Zan'ei Ken db f+P)

  • Andy does another strike that pushes him back a bit, which is safer than just not doing this followup
  • supercancellable but all DMs whiff anyway
  • free cancellable out of although all attacks whiff anyway


1. Zan'ei Ryuusei Ken - qcb hcf+P

  • Andy dashes forward similar to his db f+P, except it comes out much faster. If the first hit connects, he will a series of additional hits, koncking the opponent back
  • very low damage, but comes out very fast and has very good recovery time

2. Chou Reppa Dan - qcb hcf+K

  • This move is similar to Andy's hcf+K except his feet are on fire, dealing more damage, but the super flash activation makes it easier to react to and punish by rolling


1. Chou Reppa Dan - qcb hcf+BD

  • Similar to his DM version except does even more damage and can usually juggled for all the hits in the air, unlike hcf+K or the DM
  • best to use in juggle combos, such as after hcf+P


1. Zan'ei Shitou Reppa Dan - qcfx2+AC

  • Andy performs a dash forward similar to his db f+P that comes out very fast
  • the move does one hit only, but after it hits or is blocked, Andy will continue to dash forward for a few seconds. At any point during this, as well as before it has made contact, the move can be followed up by BCD

1a. Hiryuu Bakuha Dan - BCD (after Zan'ei Shitou Reppa Dan qcfx2+AC)

  • Andy does a diagonally upwards attack that does several hits
  • has a long recovery time if blocked


  • cancellable normals are close A, crouch A, close B, crouch B, close C, crouch C, jump A, jump C
  • CD is cancellable into command moves, specials and DMs


Andy Throw Glitch

Andy has a strange glitch involving his b/f+C throw. The throw itself has two parts - the slam to the ground, followed by the kick. It is possible to cancel the kick into maxmode. Doing this creates a glitch in which Andy can move through the opponent's sprite. Since the throw is a hard knockdown, you can setup some ambigious crossups by just positioning your character on top of the opponent's sprite on wakeup, then in the last moment, walking back or forth and immediately doing close C.

The glitch also has some applications in the corner. If the opponent is in the right corner and is crouch blocking, they have to crouch block his close C as expected - by holding downback. However, in the left corner, the opponent has to actually hold downforward to block it

The glitch effect ends when Andy is hit with an attack or blocks it, as well as if he executes a normal throw, command normal, special move or DM. Rolling also ends the glitch state.

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