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The King of Fighters 2002/K9999

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KOF 2002 K9999 Mook



1. Kieroo! - b/f+C

  • K9999 simply grabs the opponent and knocks them away in the same direction that he was facing
  • can't be followed up with much unless in the corner

2. Itsumade yondendayoo! - b/f+D

  • K9999 grabs the opponent, then throws them down at the opposite side that he was standing
  • hard knockdown and opponent gets up with his back turned...if K9999 runs forward after the throw, he perform some mixups on their wakeup

Command Normals

1. Urusee-! - f+A

  • K9999 attacks forward with his drill with good priority and range
  • cancellable into DMs only

Special Moves

1. Crouch D - d+D

  • K9999 slides forward but does not knock the opponent off their feet if it hits
  • acts as a special move even though the input of this move would make it seem like a simple normal
  • hits low
  • free cancellable into
  • Free cancellable out of

2. Acchihe itteroo! - qcf+P

  • creates a wave of energy in front of him, doing about five hits
  • qcf+C travels further than qcf+A but comes out slower
  • negates normal projectiles, except for Robert's which travels over it
  • supercancellable on all hits
  • free cancellable into
  • free cancellable out of on all hits

3. Kudakeroo! - qcb+K

  • K9999 jumps forward with a flame in front of him
  • qcb+D is an overhead, which has very good frame advantage allowing you to combo after it
  • qcb+D can easily jump over ground projectiles as it jumps higher and further than qcb+B
  • qcb+B has some invincibility as K9999 is coming down
  • free cancellable into

4. Wareroo! - dp+P

  • dp+A is a reasonably fast anti-air, although dp+C is far too slow to be useful on reaction
  • dp+A can hit behind K9999, thus it is reasonable good against crossup attacks before the opponent has switched sides
  • supercancellable on all hits
  • free cancellable into
  • free cancellable out of
  • can negate normal and DM projectiles
  • dp+C has some startup invincibility


1. Tsuki...(Moon) - db hcb df+P

  • a great anti-air that covers a circular region around K9999 (including behind him)
  • comes out relatively fast, though the input requires makes it difficult to use on reaction
  • Negates normal projectiles
  • K9999 is invincible during the DM, as well as a little bit while he is recovering

2. Temee mo oucchimae!! - db hcb df+K

  • K9999 turns his arm into a gun and fires 5 shots (9 shots if you are about 4/5 of a full screen away from the opponent) horizontally. Each shot can negate normal and DM projectiles
  • startup is usually bit too much to combo off anything but it is fast enough to easily punish fireballers
  • generally unpunishable if the opponent has no meter to guard roll


1. Chikara ga...katte ni...uwaaaa!! - d f df+ABCD

  • K9999's arm begins to grow large, reaching a full screen length and doing about 15 hits
  • the arm is able to OTG. It can also juggle after attacks that should not have a juggle property (such as far D)
  • generally unpunishable if the opponent blocks all attacks. However, the opponent can guard roll after the last few hits, making the rest of the hits whiff, giving the opponent more than enough time to run up and punish. If the SDM is rolled too early, then the last hits will still hit the opponent
  • has a tendancy to hit behind K9999, thus it can catch people rolling behind K9999 when he does it


1. Kore wa, maru de....!! - (f b)x4(air)

  • K9999 lifts into the air, making the screen turn white and causing damage no matter where the opponent is standing on screen
  • most of the motion can be done on the ground, then the final "f b" can be done during a backdash
  • does good chip damage and hits fullscreen, but has very slow startup, and very bad recovery. Noth worth using in comparison to his SDM


  • cancellable normals are close A, far A, crouch A, close B, crouch B, close C, jump A, jump C
  • CD is cancellable into command moves(including down+D), specials and DMs
  • Close D is an overhead and hard knockdown
The King of Fighters 2002

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