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1. Chi no Batsu - b/f+C

  • Chris steps on his opponent a few times and knocks them back in the direction he was facing

2. Ten no Tsumi - b/f+D

  • Chris grabs his opponent and throws them into the air behind him
  • hard knockdown
  • the opponent's back is turned when they get up
  • a great grab because of back turned property and hard knockdown, giving Chris many options afterwards

Command Normals

1. Muyou no Ono - f+A

  • Chris executes a horizontal swing, making him go forward
  • does very little damage but comes out fast enough to punish some fast recovering moves from a distance
  • cancellable

2. Jukei no Oni - f+B

  • Chris performs a two hit kick, which has good range
  • overhead on the second hit
  • cancellable on the second hit if cancelled into

3. Setsudan no Koto - df+B

  • Chris performs a sliding kick that can hit from about half screen length
  • safe on block from many distances though it's best if it is spaced

Special Moves

1. Taiyou wo Iru Honoo - qcf+P

  • Chris sends forth three balls of flame that travel forward
  • qcf+A comes out faster than qcf+C and recovers faster allowing the possibility of comboing after them
  • qcf+C projectiles move faster than qcf+A and travel further (almost full screen length)

2. Kagami wo Hofuru Honoo - qcb+P

  • Orochi Chris jumps forward with a flame in front of him
  • the flame can negate projectiles but it comes out too slow and recovers too slow for this to be practical
  • does not combo against crouching characters
  • free cancellable into

3. Tsuki wo Tsumu Honoo - dp+P

  • Chris performs a rising uppercut attack that comes out fairly quick
  • this move does not have much vertical range compared to other dragon punch moves. dp+A does one hit in which Chris moves forward before rising, while dp+C does 4 hits, where he rises during the 4th
  • free cancellable into
  • free cancellable out of on the first three hits
  • supercancellable on the third hit

4. Shishi wo Kamu Honoo - hcf+K

  • a proximity unblockable attack which only comes out if Chris is near the opponent
  • the first hit causes guard crush
  • last hit is cancellable into special moves and supercancellable, though the only cancellable move that will combo after it is dp+A
  • free cancellable out of on all hits


1. Ankoku Orochi Nagi - qcb hcf+P (can be held)

  • Chris creates a flame, then throws it forward, covering a fairly wide area in front of him
  • the A version comes out faster than the C version
  • can be delayed by holding the P button used, but is not useful
  • works very similar to Kyo's qcb hcf+P except Chris has no invinciblity on his


1. Ankoku Orochi Nagi - qcb hcf+AC (can be held)

  • works similar to his normal DM version except the flame is larger, doing 3 hits
  • cannot be comboed into normally


1. Sanagi wo Yaburi, Chou wa Mau - D, C, d, C, D

  • Orochi Chris transforms into Orochi and performs an attack that covers the entire screen for about a second
  • Chris is invincible during this attack


  • cancellable normals are close A, crouch A, far A, close B, close C, crouch C, far C(1), close D(specials and DMs only)
  • CD is cancellable into special moves and DMs



High/Low Lockdown Mixup

Chris has a useful high/low mixup that involves late cancelling his close C or crouch C, into his f+B high attack or df+B low. It's difficult to react and if the opponent has no stocks, they are forced to block the mixup. The only way to punish it is using a guard roll right after the C but even then, it's not that easy and since the cancel is delayed, you can react to whether they guard rolled and not do the followup if they did.

Generally it's best to do this mixup from a crouch C, since it can come out from further away than a close C would, it acts as a better anti-air and you don't have to be afraid of his (bad) far C coming out in case you were out of range for close C to come out. However, the following characters can crouch under his crouch C:

K', Andy, Joe, Athena, Kensou, Chin, Benimaru, Mai, Yuri, Yashiro, Iori, Mature, Vice, Yamazaki, Billy, Leona, Kim, Choi, Kula, Angel

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