Samurai Shodown VI

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Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden (サムライスピリッツ 天下一剣客伝)

Samurai Shodown VI brings together every playable character from the Neo Geo MVS entries, with legacy characters who were missing from V Special making their return, and six subsystems to choose from inspired by each numbered entry, including a new system for VI itself. Additionally, four new characters have been introduced and there is one secret character, resulting in a total of 41 characters in the arcade version. The console ports feature seven additional characters, four EX versions and three extra subsystems.

The arcade game is playable online via Flycast Dojo's Atomiswave emulation, using Fightcade 2 for matchmaking. For console versions, there's Dolphin and PCSX2.


Characters in italics are only available on console.

Characters marked with an asterisk have an EX version which is only available on console.

Iroha-icon.png Chamcham-icon.png Nakoruru-icon.png Mina-icon.png Rimururu-icon.png Rera-icon.png Murasakinakoruru-icon.png Rasetsugalford-icon.png
Iroha Cham Cham Nakoruru Mina* Rimururu Rera Nakoruru Galford
Andrew-icon.png Genan-icon.png Hanzo-icon.png Yunfei-icon.png Basara-icon.png Sankuro-icon.png Amakusa-icon.png Poppy-icon.png
Andrew Gen-An Hanzo Yunfei* Basara Sankuro Amakusa Poppy
Yoshitora-icon.png Sieger-icon.png Genjuro-icon.png Kusaregedo-icon.png Shizumaru-icon.png Yumeji-icon.png Mizuki-icon.png Shikurumamahaha-icon.png Kuroko-icon.png
Yoshitora* Sieger Genjuro Kusaregedo* Shizumaru Yumeji Mizuki Shikuru Kuroko
Haohmaru-icon.png Wanfu-icon.png Ukyo-icon.png Jubei-icon.png Gaira-icon.png Rasetsumaru-icon.png Zankuro-icon.png Pakpak-icon.png
Haohmaru Wan-Fu Ukyo Jubei Gaira Rasetsumaru Zankuro Pak Pak
Sugoroku-icon.png Earthquake-icon.png Galford-icon.png Charlotte-icon.png Kazuki-icon.png Enja-icon.png Gaoh-icon.png Chample-icon.png
Sugoroku Earthquake Galford Charlotte Kazuki Enja Gaoh Chample
Ochamaro-icon.png Nicotine-icon.png Kyoshiro-icon.png Tamtam-icon.png Sogetsu-icon.png Suija-icon.png Random-icon.png Kimungche-icon.png
Ocha-Maro Nicotine Kyoshiro Tam Tam Sogetsu Suija Makai Gaoh Kim Ung Che
Samurai Shodown VI



AmakusaAndrewBasaraCham ChamCharlotteEarthquakeEnjaGairaGalfordGaohGen-AnGenjuroHanzoHaohmaruIrohaJubeiKazukiKusaregedoKyoshiroMinaMizuki(Murasaki) NakoruruNicotineOcha-MaroRasetsumaruReraRimururuSankuroShizumaruSiegerSogetsuSugorokuSuijaTam TamUkyoWan-FuYoshitoraYumejiYunfeiZankuroMakai Gaoh

Console Only

ChampleKim Ung CheKurokoPak PakPoppyRasetsu GalfordShikuru Mamahaha