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This page will be used to compile 98 UM FE and 98 UM high-level gameplay or match footage from strong players for learning purposes.

Note: While KOF 98 UM FE and KOF 98 UM have quite a few important differences, for the most part characters play similarly enough in 98 UM to 98 UM FE, so watching 98 UM footage of characters can still be useful to learn things such as combos, setups, how they like to play neutral, what tools are worth using, etc., just keep in mind the FE differences that can be found on the character's wiki page while watching.

KOF 98 UM FE/98 UM Youtube Channels

Compilation channels for many KOF games, including 98 UM FE. Although the video titles say 98 UM, the version is in fact FE. Lots of footage can be found in these two channels.
High level Korean players who post 98 UM FE matches regularly. Although the video titles say 98 UM, the version is in fact FE.
High level Japanese players who play several KOFs, including 98 UM FE.
Weekly 98 UM Japanese arcade streams. Lots of 98 UM footage.
Lots of Japanese 98 UM tournament footage, with a little bit of 98 UM FE.
A good amount of 98 UM footage from the Nishinippori Japanese tournaments, and some 98 UM FE as well.

High-Level Sets

NOTE: this section is a work-in-progress and not very comprehensive yet.


KCE Cup Korea vs Japan 7-on-7 (1/22/22)
2022 Sets

KOR_S2 vs Vero (1/18/22)

SCORE vs u-godan (1/16/22)

Jojo vs u-godan (1/16/22)

SCORE vs Jojo (1/16/22)

Dune vs Hiroto (1/15/22)

KOR_S2 vs Dune (1/13/22)

SCORE vs Gosho (1/12/22)

Hiroto vs Dune (1/9/22)

Vero vs firewalls (1/8/22)

Jojo vs Vero (1/2/22)


2021 Sets

Vero vs Hiroto (12/27/21)

Vero vs Rosettastone (12/26/21)

SCORE vs Baozi (11/4/21)

SCORE VS KOR_S2 (10/29/21)

Vero vs SR (10/27/21)

SCORE vs Jojo (10/27/21)

SCORE vs ET (10/23/21)

SCORE vs SR (10/22/21)


2020 Sets


2019 Sets

High-Level Character Footage

Andy Bogard

Athena Asamiya

Benimaru Nikaido

Billy Kane

Blue Mary

Brian Battler

Chin Gentsai

Chin Matches

Chang Koehan

Chizuru Kagura

Choi Bounge


Clark Still

Goro Daimon

Eiji Kisaragi

Geese Howard

Heavy D!


Iori Yagami

Joe Higashi

Kasumi Todoh

Sie Kensou

Kim Kaphwan


Wolfgang Krauser

Kyo Kusanagi

Leona Heidern

Lucky Glauber

Mai Shiranui


Mr. Big

Orochi Chris

Orochi Shermie

Orochi Yashiro

Ralf Jones

Robert Garcia

Robert Matches

98 UM FE:

98 UM:

Rugal Bernstein

Ryo Sakazaki

Saisyu Kusanagi


Shingo Yabuki

Shingo Matches

98 UM FE:

  • This is the youtube channel of KOR_S2, a high-level Korean player who mains Shingo. You can find a lot of good Shingo matches here

98 UM:

Takuma Sakazaki

Terry Bogard


Ryuji Yamazaki

Yamazaki Matches

Yashiro Nanakase

Yuri Sakazaki

EX Andy

EX Billy

EX Blue Mary

EX Geese

EX Joe

EX King

EX Kyo

EX Kyo Matches

EX Mai

EX Robert

EX Ryo

EX Terry

EX Yamazaki

EX Yuri

The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition

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EX Characters

EX AndyEX BillyEX Blue MaryEX GeeseEX JoeEX KingEX KyoEX MaiEX RobertEX RyoEX TerryEX YamazakiEX YuriOrochi ChrisOrochi ShermieOrochi Yashiro